Tips for Shaving Legs

  • Apply coconut or olive oil the day before.
  • Exfoliate the night before, as well.
  • Use alcohol-free shaving products.
  • Don't EVER shave without any lubricating product.
  • Shave at the end of your shower or just afterwards.
  • Store your razor away from the shower where it can dry out.

Other Beauty tips -

  • pimples- apply plenty of BHA exfoliant. Apply benzoyl (sp?) and cover with bandaid overnight
  • Razor burn- avoid scented shaving gel, change razor regularly, apply soothing lotion afterwards
  • Puffy eyeS- sleep with head slightly elevated, take antihistamine, Make sure to remove all mascara use cotton bud if necessary. Use smoky eye makeup to disguise. When applying night cream, don't put too much too close to eye, blend away from eye, otherwise it migrates into eye when lying down.
  • Hot weather- treatments will be effective even if you sweat, as long as they've been on for approx an hour. The only thing you need to reapply is sunscreen.
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