on the website [https://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?o=1&uid=d5af88fb-b8a2-4f54-b781-8abe59119540]


  • 2nd Chance Mushroom, a hand-crocheted mushroom
    • currently in: Southern England - in hands of cacher
    • last log: SEP-18
      • Wow, this TB was placed in a brand new cache as part of a FTF haul and was the first one to be discovered! That's exciting!
  • Currency Rising, a $100 note keyring
    • currently in: South Africa
    • last log: JUL-18
  • Lucky A1 Mushroom, a hand-crocheted mushroom
    • currently in: Czech Republic
    • last log: JUL-18
  • Travel BunBun The lovely poem about it
    • currently in: Warburton - in hands of cacher
    • last log: JUN-18
  • Irwin the Imp, a devil string figure
    • currently in: Ireland
    • last log: MAY-18
  • Red Centre Experience Travel Tag, an event trackable
    • currently in: Victoria
    • last log: DEC-16

in the "To Discover" bowl

  • A Lemon in Red, a (broken) Mini Minor geocoin
  • Swanky Phone, a dummy Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Road Turtle, a road turtle with a travel bug superglued to it (I didn't even know road turtles were a thing until Carl gave it to me to make into a trackable XD )


yet to be released

  • 2x TBs (purchased on ebay)
  • gratis holiday tags x3
  • Pouch Patch
  • Husband's spare travel bug
  • Husband's dragon figurine dupe
jun 1 2016 ∞
sep 11 2018 +
user picture katya: This looks so fun! jun 14 2016
user picture Apartmentcat: It really is fun tracking them all over the world!