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Cryptids of the World

diseases & disorders

murders & disappearances


  • At one point, when white-faced calves broke loose around County Avenue and slept on lawns, frightened residents called to report "white-faced things in the dark".
  • In October 1852, Allariz doctors presented the court with a report on Romasanta. Based heavily on Phrenology, the report accused Romasanta of inventing his affliction. While noting that Lycanthropy can be determined from a "visceral examination" and craneoscopia, the doctors found no causes or motives for his behaviour. "His inclination to vice is voluntary and not forced. The subject is not insane, dim-witted or monomaniacal, nor were these {conditions} achieved while incarcerated. On the contrary, he {Romasanta} instead turns out to be a pervert, an accomplished criminal capable of anything, cool and collected and without goodness but {acts} with free will, freedom and knowledge."
  • Lefkandi pot medusa
  • Pixelation pixies
  • High altitude shrines - lack of oxygen causes a dreamlike state - mountaintops seen as spiritual places
  • The habit of living among objects from the past

events, etc

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