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  • getting what you want and deciding to stop wanting something have the same outcome.
  • The biggest commodity in the 21st century is not information, but attention. Be stingy with your time.
  • As economists say, the cost of anything is what we give up for it. Choosing less in some areas means more in others. And whenever we chose more in one area, we give up something else. Minimalism is about deciding when less makes sense - and when it doesn't.
  • If there is no way to fail at something, it isn't really worth doing. ... You can't ... fail at ... sticking with the status quo. If you have the guts to set yourself goals, fight for them, and be invested in them enough to feel frustrated when you don't reach them, that is impressive in itself. It shows you are willing to put up with doing things that might go wrong.

Books recommended:

  • Waking Up by Sam Harris
  • Deep Work by Cal Newport

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