used in 2017

  • Essence Nude Glam Series: Peaches & Cream (again)
  • Orly: clear with small gold glitter
  • Essence Nude Glam Series: Peaches & Cream: solid creme pale pastel pinkish-salmon
  • Essence: Good Girl Bad Girl: #3 Who Am I?: iridescent pale shell pink

used in 2016

  • {none}

used in 2015

  • Duri: Sleeping Beauty: solid lavender
  • Essie: Go Hide and Chic: solid dark turquoise blue

used in 2014

  • Essie: 'Carry On' Autumn Collection: Lady Like: nude mauve
  • Revlon: Just Tinted: sheer berry pinkish-purple
  • Orly: Golden Halo: pearlescent semi-transparent lavender
  • Duri: Sleeping Beauty: solid lavender
  • Glitzology: Nebula: black jelly with silver, blue & grey varied flakes
  • Revlon: Jaded: pale mint green
  • Essie: Maximillian Strasse-Her: solid sage green
  • Polished London : Miss Navy: slightly translucent navy w/ green & blue sparkles
  • Om She: golden Sahara : semi opaque gold shimmer
  • Glitzology: Cotton Candy: light lavender jelly with lavender and pink varied flakes
  • Sally Hansen: Fuzzy Coat: All Yarned Up: clear base with blue, orange, yellow and white stick-flakes
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