• Australian-style....
  • And dang it, I keep forgetting to update it as the seasons happen. :/

October ⇒ spring

  • Alternate warm and cool days.
  • Spring thunderstorms with lots of rain.
  • Bright green new growth is showing on most plants.
  • The bottlebrushes are blooming.
  • The roses are starting to bloom.
  • Everything is blooming.
  • Leaves are growing on the cherry.
  • People are coming down with spring colds.

August ⇒ early-spring

  • The flowering plants are starting their second blooming.
  • It rains less and is a little warmer.

May ⇒ mid-autumn

  • I get up before dawn, and I get to see the sky change from purple to pink to peach every morning.
  • leaves are starting to fall from the deciduous trees. The city is starting to look brown and yellow instead of green.
  • Piles of dry, brown leaves start to pile up in the gutters.
  • People are starting to come down with colds and flu.
  • Everything is green, but growth is slowing down.
  • Soup is really appealing.
  • I want to turn on the oven and bake comforting-smelling things.

April ⇒ early-autumn

  • The hardenbergia are flowering bright purple.
  • daylight saving ends and all of a sudden it's light in the mornings again.
  • it's fully dark when I leave the house in the morning.
  • It's Comedy Festival time: everyone's a comedian this time of year.
  • Easter; hot cross buns; chocolate.
  • Comfort food.

March ⇒ late-summer

  • cooler.
  • new shoots starting to appear from dead branches.
  • the first sign of autumn is the haze in the air.
  • can't be sure now if dropped dead leaves are still from the heat or from the first fall of autumn.
  • the sky is still dark blue when I leave the house in the morning.
  • bougainvillea are flowering bright purple and pink.
  • nights are cooler; the doona is put back on the bed.
  • the bottlebrushes are in flower.
  • signs advertising the Comedy Festival start to appear.
  • start to wear a cardigan in the early mornings.
  • the urge to bake things re-emerges.

February ⇒ mid-summer

  • extremely hot: slow ; waiting for it to be cooler.
  • bushfires: fear, worry.
  • plants that were thriving are wilting from heat.
  • dead plants: dry leaves crumble off the branch.
  • yellow sun ; blue sky.
  • the new year starts to sink in.

January ⇒ mid-summer

  • recovering from New Year's Eve.
  • warm every day.
  • the baby birds are nearly adult now.
  • warm winds from the North.
  • shiny new little green leaves on all of the plants.
  • leaves wilt in the heat. lots of watering.
  • very hot ; sweat ; slow ; doing as little as possible.
  • bushfires.
  • the tennis: excitement ; tourists ; busyness.
  • the utter relief of a cool change.
  • summer seedlings growing before your eyes.

December ⇒ early summer

    • it starts to get hot.
    • it doesn't get dark until after 8.30pm.
    • bushfire weather (late Dec).
    • the agapanthus bloom.
    • blue skies most days.
    • not a cloud in the sky.
    • the azaleas finish blooming.
    • second-flowering roses begin (late Dec).
    • all the plants grow madly as I water them.
    • the earth smells dry.
    • leaves wilt and dry out.
    • Christmas time: excitement, business, anticipation.
    • I finally start to buy the mince pies and shortbreads that the supermarket has already been offering for months.
    • cinnamon and nutmeg and orange peel.
    • the city is packed out with people.
    • tourists wheel their suitcases confusedly in the early morning cool.
    • red and green and carols in the shops.
    • Summer Solstice.
    • looking forward to New Year.
    • icypoles.
    • cherries & mangoes.
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