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  • probabilistic weak point. And thus very susceptible to magic.
  • A magical life is one that revolves around self-change.
  • I'm formulating this idea that fractals are the genuine mathematical expression of 'As Above, So Below' because they're self-similar at any level of magnification... So all the way up and all the way below.


Manage your energy levels, NOT your time.

- Don't ever dismiss the achievement of finding joy in your daily life -

Me: atheism is defined by the gods it purports to deny

- as Dr Targ points out, if you have a dream of a plane crash the night before you are due to fly and you're not normally anxious about air travel, then the best course of action is to avoid getting on the plane rather than attempting to move the odds with magic. The birth of a new(ish) Rune Soup Law: cards beat wands in almost all instances.

  • Alan Moore: “Magic in its earliest form is often referred to The Arte. I believe this is completely literal... Indeed to cast a spell is simply to spell, to manipulate words, to change people's consciousness.... In latter times I believe artists and writers have allowed themselves to be sold down the river. They have accepted the prevailing belief that art and writing are merely forms of entertainment... they're not seen as transformitive forces that can change a human being... they are seen as simple entertain... things with which we can fill twenty minutes, half an hour, while we're waiting to die."
  • The idol-worshipping savage in me suspects that the Powers have not built this presumably very expensive universe for us to simply upload our artificial Rainbow Bodies to Amazon's cloud service.
  • Seems to me spiritual development is firstly binary and then progressive: 1. There is the explosive realisation that your meat suit is actually just a rental. 2. Then there is how you integrate that realisation into the remainder of the rental period.Initiatory systems grid the second component into maps of varying degrees of usefulness. (Good ones also trigger the first component.)

- As with all of these explorations, the last thing you want to do is fall into despair. As I keep mentioning, each trend summons its counter-trend. We are the counter-trend to centralisation. These posts are offered to provide additional resolution to your own, individualised maps.

Find the others. Find the farmers. Find the makers. Find your way.

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