• Mushroom Mushroom:
    • Crochet: amigurumi mushrooms.
    • Snap: Photos of mushrooms in garden/neighbourhood.
    • Write: haiku and dream story.
    • Cook: ??

Winter Mori: Draw: a winter mori picture. Snap: Photograph the accessories/co-ord you would wear during the winter. Write: a winter mori adventure (would you go in the snow or stay in the lodge?). Cook: a dish with winter vegetables (and meat if you aren’t vegetarian).

Comfort Food: Draw: a picture of/including your favourite foods and snacks. Snap: Photograph food(s) you love. Write: about eating or preparing a meal. Cook: Create a special mori-inspired dish.

Mind Garden: Draw: a meditative garden from your imagination. Snap: Create a photo collage of gardens and flowers. Write: Describe your dream garden. Cook: Create a dish inspired by flowers.

Furry Friends: Draw: your favourite forest creature(s). Snap: Photograph different textures of fur and feathers. Write: a short adventure with an animal companion. Cook: Make a treat for an animal friend (pet or wild birds).

Goblin King: Draw: your interpretation of a/the Goblin King. Snap: Take a photo of a place where you would imagine a Goblin King hangs out. Write: a list of demands the Goblin King would make. Cook: Make a dish you would offer to appease the angry Goblin King.

Memento Mori: Draw: a portrait inspired by vintage memento mori photographs. Snap: Take a portrait or selfie recreating the style of Victorian Memento Mori. Write: about a photographer taking a memento mori photo. Cook: Make a dish your grandparents/great grandparents ate in their youth.

Summer Mori: Draw: Design a mori girl swimsuit. Snap: Create a photo collage of ‘summer coloured’ flowers. Summer Mori: Write: about a journey through a sandy desert. Cook: Make mori-flavour ice cream.

Traditional: Draw: a mori outfit inspired by your countries traditional national dress. Snap: Photograph something that would be considered traditional in your culture. Write: an information piece about a cultural artefact/tradition from your country. Cook: a traditional meal associated with your country.

Favourite Colour: Draw: a picture with a colour palette comprised of your favourite colours. Snap: things that are you favourite colour, put them together in a spectrum. Write: something titled “[your favourite colour]”. Cook: Make a meal with your favourite colours in it.

Least Favourite Colour: Draw: a picture with your least favourite colours. Snap: Photograph a color your dislike but make it beautiful! Write: Create a character who has a fear of your least favorite color. Cook: Incorporate your least favorite colors in a meal and make it delicious.

Flight: Draw: something from a birds-eye perspective. Snap: Photograph birds and eggs and feathers. Write: about a birds flight to a wonderful new land. Cook: Make a light meal (think pavlova and puff pastries!)

Float: Draw: Capture a lake/canal/ocean scene. Snap: Photograph leaves and creatures swimming or floating. Write: a story that begins or ends with the main character floating. Cook: Create an ice cream float with a mori twist.

Fairy Tale: Draw: Reinvent your favourite fairy tale(s) with a mori twist. Snap: a landscape/scene which reminds you of a fairytale. Write an unexpected alternate ending to your favorite fairy tale. Cook: Make a meal that is in a fairytale (e.g. Grandmas picnic basket in Little Red Riding Hood or a Gingerbread house).

Music: Draw: Listen to a song and paint/draw what you feel. Snap: Listen to a song and capture it in a photo. Write: a song! Cook: Make a meal based on a song with food in its name (e.g. Candy Candy Candy).

Exotic: Draw: a mori girl in a different culture from your own (e.g. a British mori-girl creates a Chinese mori-girl). Snap: Capture a flower or food item that looks exotic. Write: Create an exotic character. Cook: an exotic dish you imagine a forest girl in a far off land eating.

Paper: Draw: Make a collage or do dêcoupage. Snap: Photograph books and pages. Write: Decorate writing paper or write quotes from a book you love. Cook: Make paper-thin crepês with yummy fillings.

Fruity: Draw: a bunch of fruits or a fruit inspired picture. Snap: Take up-close pictures of fruits and vegetables, capture the different textures. Write: as much as you can about every fruit you can think of. Cook: Make animals and shapes out of fruit.

Little Blessings: Draw: something with a religious theme/motif. Snap: Capture a Holy place or a peaceful spot where a person could say prayers. Write: about the little blessings in your life and remember to appreciate them. Cook: Make a dish associated with religion (e.g. try Kosher food).

Down the Rabbit Hole: Draw: a mori version of Alice in Wonderland. Snap: Capture something Topsy Turvy like Alice in Wonderland. Write: about what Alice sees as she falls down the rabbit hole. Cook: Make a topsy-turvy cake and have a Merry Unbirthday.

Japan: Draw: a mori-girl Kimono. Snap: Capture a picture that resonates with the theme Japan. Write: about all you’d see/do on a trip to Japan. Cook: a Japanese dish.

Vintage: Draw: a vintage style mori-girl. Snap: Capture something with vintage filters on. Write: about your past life during the vintage era. Cook: Make a dish you would imagine appeared on a 1950's diner menu.

Editorial: Draw: a mori-magazine front cover. Snap: Create a photo-spread to appear in a Mori Magazine. Write: an article for the “Mori Messenger”, a mori girl newspaper. Cook: Make a recipe for the Mori Messenger (a made-up mori magazine).

School days: Draw: Design a mori-girl school uniform. School days: Snap: Take a photo of your old school or something you associated with childhood schooldays. Write: about your first day in a new school. Cook: Recreate an old school dinner but make it healthier/yummier.

Bento: Draw: a bento lunch. Snap: Take photos of lunchboxes or a lunchbox meal. Write: a recipe for a bento box. Cook: Make a mori themed bento box lunch.

Back to the Future: Draw: what you think a futuristic mori-girl fashion would look like. Snap: Capture trees and modern looking buildings or collage the two themes. Write: about a forest on the moon and plants that grow there. Cook: Create a meal for an astronaut that has just returned to Earth.

Little Things: Draw: tiny creatures really huge, or big creatures really tiny. Snap: Experiment with size and perspective to make little things look big & vice versa. Write: a story about what would happen if you pet was 20x its regular size. Cook: Make a meal using only mini foods (e.g. baby carrots, tiny potatoes, mini corn).

Sleepy: Draw: a sleepy mori-girl. Snap: Photograph your bed (neatly made or messed up with plushies & pillows everywhere). Write: about your strangest/favourite/scariest dream. Cook: Make a midnight feast and then stay up late to eat it.

Annoying: Draw: something that annoys you or that you think would annoy mori-girls. Snap: what annoys you with doodles/google eyes on to make them less annoying. Write: about the most annoying day ever (real or fictional) but have a happy ending. Cook: Try and cook a dish you struggle with, hopefully you will do it better!

Meme: Draw: Convert a regular meme into a mori meme. Snap: Complete a meme/challenge but with a mori twist (e.g. mori troll face etc). Write: Complete the mori blog challenge, or a list of personal facts meme. Cook: Create a kitchen meme e.g. socially awkward spaghetti or grumpy kettle etc.

Victory!: Draw: You just completed the Mori-Challenge, so draw yourself celebrating. Snap: Take a selfie with a big smile, you just completed the Mori Challenge. Write: Make yourself a “Congratulations you did the Mori Challenge” certificate to award yourself. Cook: Order take-away, you’ve cooked enough!!!

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