• to have created so many paintings that they don't all fit on the walls, they're just stacked up around my place. And when people come to visit I give them one as a parting gift.
  • to walk every day, without any resistance, just for the joy of it.
  • to blog with over-sharingly joyful abandon.
  • to leave a comment on someone's blog/listography/etc without a bowel-trembling feeling that I'm doing something horribly wrong and intrusive.
  • to make a blanket fort and/or cupboard nest and/or snuggle grotto.
  • to not hide my wrist tattoos from my mum.
  • to not hide my wrist tattoos from my friend who hates tattoos.
  • to post a photo of myself (all of it!!) on instagram.
  • to post photos of myself without fear, trepidation or bowel-shaking anxiety.
  • to wear pyjamas in public.
    • to start a pyjamas-as-daywear trend.
      • {it's been done}
  • to return to the Japanese bath house. Naked and stuff.
  • to start a YouTube channel.
  • to work assisting my friend in her not-yet-existent craft shop.
  • to go out wearing just whatever the hell I feel like, with no consideration whatsoever about what other people might think.
  • go swimming at the swimming pool. like it.
  • become a bonsai pot maker artisan.
  • to wear my chiffon tutu/petticoat in public.
apr 13 2016 ∞
jun 25 2017 +
user picture Millene: ooh very creative <3 apr 13 2016
user picture Apartmentcat: Thank you! I feel like I'm only just starting out with this list though!
user picture Millene: I'm starting to walk everyday, sometimes I'm like "No, I will stay in my bed..." and then I get mad at myself for being lazy, take a shower, put my earphones and go and I'm happy that I decide apr 14 2016
user picture Millene: Yes! So many good things to do, it'll be lovely to read and get inspired ^^
user picture Audrey Lee : I agree, great list! I can relate to alot of it... Painting, walking, blogging, dressing how the HELL I WOULD LIKE jun 3 2017
user picture Apartmentcat: Teeeheee! Yay!!! jun 25 2017