Picking pretty flowers Brusing my knees after the chain on my bike kept breaking Riding my bike in a bathing suit in the rain Collecting fireflies in my cupped palms Pillow fights that knocked my tooth out tea parties with stuffed animals stargazing in our sheet tents making magazine collages flying kites getting sick off icecream blowing dandelions laying out in the grass blowing out birthday candles swinging on the park swings going all the way across the monkey bars chasing the icecream truck doing the summer reading challenge bumper cars at six flags getting sick and going to the er getting letters in the mail from Ciara swimming until my skin got wrinkly and my hair was permanently wavy using walkie-talkie cell phones knocking on people’s doors and running away playing board games in my outdoors tent lighting sparklers on the fourth of july going to Noah’s ark going to the flea market every Sunday going back to school shopping

jun 21 2012 ∞
jun 21 2012 +