• believes in the beauty of poetry
  • believes in the magic of the stars and sea
  • carries dreams and wishes and worries inside her heart
  • falls in love more and more each day
  • has fatal attractions to novel characters
  • lives in a thought based world apart from reality
  • is terrified of not being good enough
  • still hasn't found the meaning to her life
  • is a cherisher of warm hugs and tender kisses
  • is an introvert who appears to share everything but actually shares very little
  • an escapist who turns to hopeless romance
  • possesses a mind of hurt and voices that kill her confidence

i like to be barefoot whenever possible, but I have a slight obsession with shoes. I have a hard time remembering my dreams, other than one overly occurring one. I like to secretly eavesdrop. My legs get bruised and cut up easily. I like wearing dresses more than pants but I hate having to shave. I wish that a boy would give me his sweatshirt to sleep in. I shower twice a day and have to wash my hair everyday or it gets greasy. I really want to have red hair super badly. I don’t have a best friend. I don’t have cable or internet at home. I can’t commit myself to a diary no matter how much I try to do so and it sucks because I love to write and I love the idea of writing down my thoughts and feelings. i love degrassi and wish I went there. I have to be early for everything or I might shut down inside. I don’t like guys with blonde hair…usually. i know the words to a lot of older country songs despite my hatred towards country music all because my dad totally controls the car radio. I love to daydream and chill in my pjs but I’m trying to get outside more often. I want to visit many countries and cities of beauty. I like funny people who have an odd sense of humor. I wish that I could read people’s minds. I hate having to guess. My name is misspelled on my birth certificate and SS card. I want to go camping but I’m also kinda scared to. I’m learning to be happy with the life I am now living.

An introvert, irretrievably shy. Composed of a small beating heart . Fiddles with locks of hair when bashful. Brown to olive green-coloured eyes. Collector of pretty dresses and floral tops. Prefers to be barefoot in the grass to get a feel for nature. If shoes mandatory, will choose moccasins and oxfords. Right handed, but wishes to be ambidextrous. Collector of quotes and fortune-cookie prophecies. Perpetually charmed by birds and flowers. Identifies more with fictional characters than actual acquaintances. Favourite refuges: libraries, parks, forests, thrift shops and antique malls. Intrigued by psychology, fashion, sexual health and human nature. Prefers the soft spoken tongue. Strange knowledge of sexual health. Obsessed with floral patterns and lace adornments. Chooses the colors mint green and cream as favorites. Bruised knees. Whispers of observations scribbled hastily in a pocket journal, terrified of forgetting. Wishes to lay upon a rooftop to whisper to the stars. Lover of beautiful poetry and memoirs. Wishes to become beautiful with no price tag attached. Vulnerable and weak underneath pale but thick skin. Wishes to be understood and craves to be questioned.

nov 27 2011 ∞
jun 21 2012 +