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If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.

Christine follows:
emily movies ((or entire TV shows) seen in 2019)
the invisible... books (read in 2019)
f(alex) episode diary (Critical Role #2)
RonroLove Doramas (Que he visto ♥)
Brienne system ♡ aixa hazel ♡
(not) zayn jax
Ada jen
Adrian jen
Alexander jenn
Alexandria jenna
Amanda jess
Amber jiayi
Amber jluvforbidz
Anhchara jo
Autumn jo
Aya'ka jo
Beau jodie
Bliss joey
Brienne system joker
Bru jongsass
C.D. juju
Candice julia
Candice Austen julie
Carmela june
Chandler jy
Christina kait
Christine kaori
Clara karen
Cristina kass
Denise kate
Echo katie
Elaine kelley
Em kendra
Emily kenta
FiSweetings kenzie
GG1CUK kerrigan
H kim anh
Hannah kimi
Hekate kinky
Iszi klaudia
Itza klem
Jamal koga
Jazmine kuzzzma
Jen kyutiful_hae
Jenn lana
Jennifer laura
Jodie lee
Kamira lena
Kaniesha levi
Kat lex
Katelyn lily
Katja listography
Kelly livia
Kelsey Ann lorraine
Ketelen lotte
Kit luhaneybee
Kodi lulu
Kristen m
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Larissa mae
Laís mae
Leah magicath
Lexy mai
Lilly manda
Lyn marah
M marcelovdo
M mariana
Megan marido
N marina
NeverShoutHada marisa
Olly max
Partly PDX maxe
Pelle Smith may
Rachel mei
Rebecca melissa
RonroLove melydia
Savina micaela
Shannon michelle
Stefanie Jane michelle
Stiles Winche... milk
Syeon Anderson milkywaydelight
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Tyra mina
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Yixing Forehe... minnie
Zuzanna misa
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headvsheart ᴄʜᴀʀʟɪ
hien ᴅ ᴇ ᴇ
holly ℳerissa
honey えりい
honeybee ㄱㅈㅁ
indigo 라일라
jaclyn 재리
  • alphabetizing (it's starting to become a habit for me lately, especially when it comes to writing down things in lists)
  • animals, most of them are really cute!
  • anything sweet, pretty much
  • back-to-school shopping, seriously, all that I have been watching for nearly two weeks were back to school DIY videos, I don't know why. It's probably the fact that I finally receive some fresh out of the shelf school supplies!
  • beanies, they're actually cute and also really comfy
  • boots
  • bullet journaling
  • camping or living in a cottage
  • certain colours of nail polish
  • colourful hair (I wish I can dye my hair, specifically blue though), seriously I have a thing for colourful hair, not like the colours people normally see on hair...
  • composing songs (mostly the instrumentals, since I can't write lyrics)
  • Converse high-tops
  • derp faces of K-pop idols
  • doodling and writing random things on notebooks or binders or papers...
  • dresses, but they have to be long, the shortest I can tolerate is just below my knee.
  • family and friends (of course, they are like the main source of my happiness)
  • graphic t-shirts of favourite bands and fandoms I am part of (after all, I own two Harry Potter t-shirts, I was considering that I buy a Paramore shirt, but I doubt that my parents would let me)
  • hardcover books, no, not the softcover ones, they're much more durable
  • ice cream; anything that has to do with ice cream, especially ice cream cake (insert Red Velvet's Ice Cream Cake)
  • K-pop macros, they are life! I guess that's where I spend looking at humourous things...
  • leggings
  • Listography books (I asked my dad to buy me another of those books, at least it keeps me busy)
  • mechanical pencils, they are much nicer to write with than regular pencils.
  • mind games, I like it when they play with my brain once in a while
  • music in general, after all, my whole life did revolve around music...
  • people who share the same interest as me
  • photography/taking pictures - I found this interest through a Photography class, it was a lot of fun (although a friend of mine is always complaining how difficult Photoshop is)
  • rainy days...
  • really funny people, I need some humour in my life!
  • sad, depressing ballads (yes, don't judge me, they are quite soothing, if you think about it)
  • skinny jeans
  • stories that contain fantasy, action, adventure, mystery, or all four of them combined.
  • stories that have very good plot lines and complex characters
  • story-writing, thanks to my grade 6 student teacher!
  • stuffed animals, especially my teddy bears
  • sweaters and hoodies, I am definitely a person that dresses comfortably.
  • the autumn season, the leaves are so pretty at this time of year
  • the colour blue, any shade of blue will do, as long as it's blue. Not like greenish-blue, just blue
  • the sound of the piano and cello, especially when played together. They create such a melodious duet together...
  • thick books, the more pages the better. Sorry, trees! I like the juicy details (well, with the exception of Twilight)...
  • track pants, they're so comfy, especially during summer nights
  • travelling, it's nice to get out of the house once in a while
  • watching and playing baseball, it's my favourite sport ever
  • watching variety shows of K-pop idols, they're so hilarious (especially Weekly Idol)!
  • writing down in lists (why would I be writing in this Listography if I didn't like writing down in lists), LOL...
jun 22 2015 ∞
jul 5 2017 +
user picture Venus: I love this list so much! I've just been hitting the "explore" button over and over again, trying to find something that interests me . . . you've got some really great likes! ^_^ may 18 2016
user picture Christine: Aww, thank you, I'm quite flattered! jun 26 2016