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  • I cringe/sneer when someone mentions the Boston Red Sox. I HATE the BoSUX. I bleed Yankee blue.
  • I have boundary issues and love to test my limits. I'm really fun when its not appropriate to be.
  • I'm like a guy in a woman's body. I love sports, hate drama, love dirty sexual humor, am highly sarcastic, and have sex on the brain 9 tenths of the day.
  • I have a ridiculously large birthmark starting from my lower back, going all the way down to my upper left thigh that I hate and am really self conscious about. Any pic that shows my lower exposed half is immediately Photoshopped to remove that birthmark. (yes, now u know).
  • I have a really big heart and when I love someone I love from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. But I've come to learn that when I get like this I become blind to all faults and indiscretions so I'm working on avoiding that.
  • I have a tendency to over-analyze interactions with other people. Especially with relationships or with dealing with the opposite sex I tend to try to figure out what every little comment, gesture, or look means. I'm not content just taking things for what they are, I feel that things have deeper meanings and reveal stuff about the person that is doing/saying them, and unfortunately that doesn't really sit well with other people.
  • I LOVE guys with really dark straight-ish hair and beautiful teeth. And if they have pretty eyes to contrast with that dark hair I'm instantly smitten. BRUNETTES ARE SEXY!!!!
  • I am never without my gold chain and crucifix and have this superstition that when the Jesus on my cross is facing outwards he is protecting me from the world but if it is turned around and facing my chest then he is protecting me from myself. Cuz I believe when religious chains break its cuz it has blocked something bad from happening to u...*shrugs*.
  • I despise when little kids curse. Its not cute, conveys the degeneration of our society, and shows that parents aren't taking the time to properly raise their kids.
  • Although my eyes are insanely awesome, I have terrible vision but don't wanna wear contacts cuz I don't want people accusing me of having colored contacts just cuz my eyes are hazel green. And I can't be bothered to find a pair of glasses that go good with the shape of my face.
  • I give everyone and every living thing multiple nicknames (my personal trainer I call Pillow Top cuz he has a big cushiony ass like a Pillow Top mattress...haha).
  • I eat seedless spanish olives out of the jar like its candy...sooo good.
  • I never iron anything, I just toss my clothes in the dryer for a few minutes and the wrinkles just fall out, and my clothes are toasty warm.
  • I have a ridiculously irrational fear of albino roaches. Those lil white bastards will literally make me start crying and hyperventilating if I spot one, which I only have twice in my life.
  • I'm a closet nerd and graduated HS second in my class with honors in everything and finished college with my BS in only 3 years.
  • My favorite flowers are red or white Calla Lilies, red Amaryllis, red and white roses, and any color Snapdragons. So those of u looking to buy me flowers please consult this list first and adhere to all colors stated ;)
  • When I was a child my mom had me convinced that if I cursed or lied God would come down personally to punish me and had me in tears one time when she asked me if I lied and I knew I had.
  • I used to be terrified of angels when I was younger and still feel nervous about the whole idea cuz once when I was 8 I had been sleeping but turned my head and looked out the window and saw two angels out my window staring at me and I was so scared that they'd take me. Everyone told me that it had just been a dream but I never remember a point when I woke up and am still unsure til this day if that was a real experience or not.
  • I've had Type 1 diabetes for the past 10 and a half years, and am insulin dependent, taking 3 injections a day for life.
  • I have two radio aliases, Misty Clearwater and Kitty Goodflow for when my friend used to have me call his sex talk radio show in Bowling Green, Ohio.
  • Every Christmas Eve at 8pm I get cozy in front of my tv and watch a full 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS one after the other minus like 2 showings cuz I eventually have to sleep. Its my only Christmas tradition.
  • I have NEVER smoked, drank, or did drugs and never will. And although I've always been the good girl I'd like to try the bad girl thing for awhile (minus doing these 3 things).
  • I am ├╝ber impatient and can't be bothered to wait for a guy to get a clue that he should come talk to me, so I am one of those rare girls that will ask a guy out and if he's not interested, move on cuz I don't like wasting precious time on the wrong guys.
  • My moral compass doesn't always point north which explains why I hardly ever pay for DVDs, CDs, or Computer Programs, why I want to learn how to pick locks and hack programs, and tend to gravitate towards guys that are taken.
  • I want more than anything in this world just to be a mom. And not just any mom, the type of mom that redefines what a true parent should be...a really GREAT mom.
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