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  • Finally going on a honeymoon to Aruba with my husband after being married for almost 3 years already.
  • Becoming closer to God.
  • My husband getting a raise at work.
  • Us finding the most wonderful cat in the world, Salem, that has helped me deal with the fact that I am never having children. He is our baby now.
  • Me realizing that things happen for a reason, like us not being able to buy that house and then being relieved because I was laid off shortly after.
  • My husband and I not fighting as much as we used to and growing much more closer and much more in love.
  • That despite me being laid off, I had enough foresight to put a decent amount of money into savings to fall back on and because of that, my family is going to have a great Christmas.
  • My husband buying me a bigger, more beautiful engagement ring that he is giving me for Christmas and when I asked him why he told me because it is what I deserve.
  • My brother beating the odds and fighting the spinal meningitis until he beat it.
  • My little family all being happy, healthy, and alive.
  • Getting offered a new job at the end of the year.
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