• I had a dream that my husband Drew was running a marathon and he actually finished first which was a shock cuz he hates running and never does it. I remember that the number he had on his tank top was an 8, not sure what it means but when I find out, I'll do an update. (dec. 2011)
  • I had a dream that I was an actress audtioning for a role as Eve Dallas in a movie created from one of J.D. Robb's "In Death" books. I was auditioning opposite a man that was playing a very believable Roarke. I have no acting talent but that would freaking be awesome. I love that book series and have been waiting for them to turn the books into film. (dec. 2011)
  • I always have dreams that I'm pregnant with a significant sized baby bump, its always spring or summer cuz I'm always in a nice, flowy sundress. I never actually given birth in any of these dreams, I'm just always pregnant and loving it. I wonder what that means. (dec. 2011)
  • I had a dream that the Earth was rotating on it's axis way too fast and so when you looked up at the sky you would see the moon zip by so fast and much more frequently. Oddly enough I never did see the sun. (dec. 2011)
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