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  • I have a ridiculously large birthmark starting from my lower back, going all the way down to my upper left thigh.
  • I have a tattoo on my inner left wrist of a heart with angel wings and a halo.
  • I have a tattoo on my left foot that says, "Trust Nobody".
  • I have a really cute beauty mark on the left side of my nose.
  • I have a long scar going down my right shin from when I was running with an ice cream when I was 8 and tripped and skidded.
  • I have the brightest hazel green eyes anyone has ever seen.
  • I am never without my gold chain and crucifix pendant hanging from around my neck.
  • I'm missing my right upper wisdom tooth, that i had pulled.
  • I have massively plump lips.
  • I have absolutely no cavities or fillings...never have.
  • I have really long curvy eyelashes that most women envy. They are like spider legs, only not as
  • I always have minor puncture marks on my stomach from the 3 insulin injections I do a day.
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