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  • When people blow their stupid cigarette smoke in my face.
  • Tourists that don't know how to properly walk a New York City street. We are fast paced and don't appreciate them taking their time and stopping in the middle of a busy sidewalk.
  • When parents let their babies scream incessantly in public without trying to quiet them. Have consideration for other people around u. Either consider noise control or population control.
  • When men in blue business suits wear brown shoes. It does NOT look good. In all honesty, brown shoes should not be worn with anything other than earth tone suits (cream, brown, biege...etc).
  • Telemarketers...nobody likes u, stop calling and quit ur job.
  • Little kids that curse. Its not cute, conveys the degeneration of our society, and shows that parents aren't taking the time to properly raise their kids.
  • When someone says that they will call or text and they take forever to do it. Come on, that's just a lack of common courtesy, don't make me waste my time by waiting on u.
  • Guys that front and play head games. Us women aren't as fragile as u may think. Its ok if u just say ur not that interested. Its better than u sending out mixed signals and then not following through.
  • Touching public poles, railings, sponges, or library books. Do u have ANY idea how many germs are on those things? They are breeding grounds for bacteria and I'm a germ-a-phobe when it comes to my hands so I want no part of it.
  • When you have a drastic change in altitude and your ears pop and stay clogged.
  • When someone interrupts my yawn and I don't get to finish it.
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