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  • I believe that when a woman has kids that it is essential to stay at home with them for their formative years cuz it should be u teaching them their values and how to act, not some nanny. U shouldn't have other people raising ur kids.
  • I believe in 100% faithfulness in relationships. And I know I may seem like a hypocrite cuz I've been the other woman before but I personally have NEVER and will NEVER cheat on anyone that I am in a relationship with. I am ALWAYS faithful. I will let others worry about their own relationships.
  • I believe that u shouldn't do anything that u'd be ashamed to have ur kids find out about someday. U have to lead by example or else u can't preach to them when they've screwed up.
  • I believe that human life is precious and therefore do NOT believe in abortion. I think its murder, is immoral, and unethical. I support a woman's right to choose, but I don't agree with it and while I won't preach to anyone, will secretly judge u for it...what a poor way to treat a gift that God has given u.
  • I don't believe in staying together for the kids. Kids aren't stupid, they are very aware of the hostility between parents that no longer love eachother. The sadness and anger is contagious. Its better to part amicably, as long as u stay in ur children's lives, than to begin resenting them for being the reason that u stayed.
  • I believe that not everyone deserves forgiveness for what they do and that when the offense is that bad they will rarely ever get it from me.
  • I believe people should respect eachother's personal space. A man should not put his hands on a woman and a wpman should not put her hands on a man. I don't believe in double standards, the same applies to both. I would never stay with someone that was abusive and no amount of love I feel for u will keep me from having u locked up.
  • I don't really believe in a pure unconditional love, there are always conditions in which I would stop loving someone and making allowances for them. Such as: if they were abusive, if they cheated, if they tried to abuse or molest my kids, or if they were abusing drugs or alcohol. Its not my love that is flawed, its yours, but I'm not sticking with something that's toxic just cuz I once loved u.
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