• Start eating healthier earlier, it will make the transition to becoming diabetic at 16 years old MUCH easier.
  • Don't treat your friends more importantly than your family because most of them leave your life by the time you grow up.
  • Don't make JAS your "first", it will be the worst decision you ever make in your life, one that will always haunt you as your biggest mistake.
  • Tell your stepdad that you considered him your dad. He dies way too soon and you will always regret never telling him and will sympathize with the hurt that comes along with only being considered a step parent when you yourself are finally a step parent.
  • Don't be so quick to rush into relationships just because you don't want to be alone, you end up spending way too long in crappy relationships and when you least expect it, when you're no longer looking, Mr. Right will find you and he'll be so amazing that you'll marry him.
  • Give up your dogs Harley and Remy much sooner than you did, they deserved so much more than you were giving them.
  • Start putting away money into a savings account the minute you start your first job because somewhere down the line your mom will squander all her money away instead of paying the bills and you will both end up homeless and lose everything that you loved.
  • Make up with your father sooner, not two and a half years later. All you did was hurt yourself by holding on to all that anger and you miss out on time with him, your stepmom, and sister.
  • Deal with your anger issues with the word bitch a lot sooner so that when your stepdad calls you it out of anger in the middle of an arguement, you don't try to stab him...twice!
  • Decide that you want a sweet sixteen much sooner than 2 months in advance, even though it came out great in such short notice, it woulda saved your stepmom a lot of headaches planning it last minute and it probably woulda been even better than what it was.
  • Recognize the signs of depression a lot sooner than you did so you wouldn't have become a recluse and wouldn't have had to burn off all the weight after 6 years of depression where you ended up weighing 280lbs.
  • Never lose touch with David after graduation, he was your best friend since you guys were twelve. And after you reconnect in your 20's, don't make such stupid mistakes and put that friendship in jeopardy again where you two will fall out of touch again.
  • When dad offers to buy you a used car as a high school graduation present don't turn him down just cuz you didn't want a used car and because you were too scared to learn to drive in New York City...you would probably know how to drive by now, which you don't.
  • When dad says he wants to take the family on a surprise vacation but you don't want to go cuz you hate not knowing where you're going...SAY YES!!!! You end up missing trips to Jamaica and Cancun.
  • When your gut tells you something is wrong in your relationship with JAS, LISTEN TO IT!!! He ends up cheating on you for the duration of your relationship and it ends very badly after 4 years of lies and betrayal.
  • Expose yourself to different kinds of foods from a young age and give everything a chance because you end up becoming the pickiest neurotic eater ever and your meal plan is so limited.
  • Take the time to learn spanish from your dad when you are little, now that you are an adult its so hard to get any of that information to stick.
  • Take advantage of all the opportunities dad offers you like learning how to drive, swim lessons, boarding school, skiing, etc cuz you never have the finances to offer yourself those things and you really miss out.
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