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  • Having a younger, fresher complexion.
  • Being thinner.
  • Spending lots of time out with my friends at parties and clubs.
  • Wearing dresses, high heel shoes, and makeup.
  • Being in tons of pics with people.
  • Living in NYC.
  • Coming home at all hours of the night or next morning.
  • Making my own decisions without having to consider anyone else.
  • Not having as much bills.
  • My mom cooking dinner for me every day.
  • Loving going to the gym.
  • Losing 80lbs and feeling amazing.
  • Embracing my bad girl side for that short period of time.
  • Being more attractive and feeling like I was.
  • Having my dogs.
  • Seeing my best friends all the time, now I barely hear from them.
  • Meeting new people and re-meeting people from my past.
  • Shopping for sexy clothes and having it look nice on me.
  • Always having my hair long and straight.
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