• I am the girl who looks like she is dancing while walking down the street in the rain just because she is trying not to step on worms who have come up out of the soil, and started making their way across the sidewalk. I don't believe in killing bugs outside just because I can...especially when I'm on their turf.
  • I am the girl who is inspired artistically when I am depressed or having a rough time. I guess it's true that there is beauty in the breakdown.
  • I am a dreamer and spend more time in fantastical scenarios in my head than I do in reality.
  • I am tough looking on the outside, surrounded by walls and barriers of my own making...but deep down inside I am soft, vulnerable, and scared.
  • I am the girl that is first and foremost a mother, it has always been my calling, ever since I was little. A mother is the only thing I have ever been sure of that I wanted to be.
  • I am the girl that doesn't like confrontation of any kind. I'd rather sit and stew about something than have an uncomfortable conversation with anyone.
  • I am the girl who has slept with a plush grizzly bear that I named Griswald after Clark W. Griswald from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, every night for the past almost 4 years. He is always under my head when I sleep or I can't sleep. I cherish him. I got him at the Central Park Zoo when we first moved back to NY.
  • I am the girl that cries over fictional characters in a book, craves to visit fictional places, and falls in love with fictional men because reality just doesn't compare.
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