• When they purr it is the most amazing sound, capable of curing all sadness...truly therapeutic.
  • They are very independent.
  • They have bold personalities, I love that they are not push-overs like dogs are.
  • They are so smart. My cats understand lots of words and phrases. I don't feel like an idiot having conversations with them.
  • They can be so very sweet.
  • Their meows don't hurt the ears like barks do.
  • Anything is a toy to them...a tiny piece of paper...a broken hair tie. The world is their playground.
  • The butt wiggle when they are about to pounce on something...need I say more?
  • The way they butt you with their heads when they love you and want you to pet them.
  • Their beautiful shiny fur that they take lots of time to clean.
  • The fact that you don't have to walk them in order for them to do their business.
  • They are true hunters...any flies that get into my house have made a very serious mistake.
  • The way their pupils get huge when they are excited about something or in a mischievous mood.
  • They don't drool like dogs do.
  • They are so graceful and always land on their feet.
  • Their curiosity is amazing. My cat learns new things when he is curious like how to open all the sliding doors on the closets, how to open all the cabinets, and how to fetch if he is in the mood to play.
  • The little massaging gesture they do.
  • How you can love them like your babies...especially for those of us that can't have children of their own.
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