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  • My dad's tendency to ALWAYS show up late or not at all for anything that involved me and my brothers when we were little has made me someone that is extremely puntual and completely intolerant and impatient with people that keep me waiting. I feel that it is inconsiderate and discourteous, and it always stirs up all those old bad feelings I had for my dad so I don't like it.
  • My parents both being alcoholics has made me into someone that will never drink because their drinking is a major contributor to all the bad parts of my childhood. I never wanna be like them in that sense so I will NEVER ever drink, nor smoke or do drugs.
  • My ex boyfriend Tony, being the lying cheater that he was, has made me into a VERY untrusting person...I don't trust anyone. And I hate that but he really hurt me beyond repair and I refuse to be someone's sucker again.
  • My mom always being so over protective of me when I was younger, and never letting me have any freedom or date, made me wanna go over board with my freedom as an adult and date like crazy, so now im boy crazy.
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