Things I've Lost...

  • That desire to always be a big city girl
  • The strong ties to my family and friends back home since I moved away
  • Free time to just sit and read a good book
  • My patience...time and time again
  • The passion for my job that I started out with

Things I've Found...

  • That the older I get, the better I prioritize the things in my life and what really matters
  • The most amazing man I have ever met and was lucky enought to marry
  • That I desperately want to be a home owner when I thought I would want to just rent
  • A nice reliable car that fits my family's needs
  • A wonderfully, energetic and vibrant kitty that brings lots of joy to my household
  • That I don't have all the answers, and that for once, I am okay with that
  • That life isn't fair and that you have to take what you get and make the best of what you got
  • That a person shows their true character in how they deal with their hardships
  • That love and marriage really did complete my life and fill me with a sense of peace
  • That I am incredibly resilient and always have a plan for everything
  • A job that pays extremely well but that is so stressful that at time I want to cry
  • That these moments right now are the only ones we have for sure and we should make them count
  • That my life is just a little bit ordinary
  • That I am an old soul
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