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dec 10 2013 ∞
dec 10 2013 +
  • man listy keeps makin' 'em lists
  • me=sivir + taric vs ashe+taric. did ok early game but xin and kha kept leading attacks where we were in disadvantage or just diving with no care in the world (and people followed in) which quickly ended up with them acing us and getting a baron. and then the second after a similar fight. http://puu.sh/220eW
  • i'm kat vs probably lee sin this game; haven't played kat well ever since they reworked her. nope, i'm up vs shen! ok wow every lane lost horribly except me and now they're all coming here and getting my cs because theirs is dangerous due to no tower, amazing. at least elise knows how to get stuff done, out of the bunch. http://puu.sh/221jS man kat is extremely fun though i have to play some more games as her; might actually get good some day.
  • third game somebody really didn't want me to leblanc support so they sent me mid i...
feb 12 2013 ∞
feb 14 2013 +
  • ain't played in a long while and now i'm miss fortune+janners vs cait+...annie? i really do think it's annie. http://puu.sh/1ZMFc i really need to stop trying to help in teamfights when the team's already behind and just sit in my lane and farm. other than that again this team had no chemistry. two people would be chasing one down bot while the other four in their team are pushing our mid and top with baron buff and everybody kept diving and diving and diving even though we had no realistic chance of winning teamfights outside of their towers. and i don't really like cleaver on mf.
  • this time i'm urgot+leona vs janna+ez. leona is soo defensive she hasn't jumped on them once first. she did try a few times but never managed to actually hit an E. =/ then again i'm not that good at urgot either. http://puu.sh/1ZNtF
  • third, i got ez, and would've switched wi...http://puu.sh/1ZOpH
feb 9 2013 ∞
feb 9 2013 +
  • guess i can try a new ranked now that the new ranked is out. i'll be trying some post-nerfs elise top vs probably mord. http://puu.sh/1Wf6S lane was real hard, but i progressed ok into mid-game as i got two kills on mord because he was cocky. our mid dc'd for 5 minutes which got theirs and their bot a pretty big advantage, and ultimately the game. (yolo 413) guess i'll get back to studying for exams for now.
jan 28 2013 ∞
feb 2 2013 +
  • 13. i got shyv jungle. i can't play shyv yet but she looks so fun and dreamy <3. enemy jungler is either a lion, a blind guy, or a yeti. man all the lanes lost :c. http://puu.sh/1SnCo
  • 14. randomed fid went top vs wuk; by 15 minutes we lost three towers and me and rammus were kinda the only guys doing well so we fucked around the whole game http://puu.sh/1SohT
  • 15. i'm ez + raka vs mf + sona. we did ok laning phase but then teamfights happened and we lost one where we initiated on wukong and the then 0/3 kass while j4 did short work of anivia and me, and one where 4 people in my team went mid while i was bot and didn't want to come back and then said they didn't notice me not being there (both of which ended with 4 men dying) made the enemy team snowball out of control. http://puu.sh/1SwqT
  • man these days when i get in one team tha...
jan 25 2013 ∞
jan 25 2013 +
  • 7. just randomed nid will probly go mid vs probably tf. man we all know i can't play nid nor mid. mao ganked at least 7 time, and TF died in 5 of those, which just shut him down completely. rengar ganked a few times but i escaped. our bot had a really rough time early but, as per the usual, draven fell off real fast a real lot. http://puu.sh/1QD2g
  • 8. this time i got elise+vs jax top and we had yet another jungler who would get the kills for himself instead of giving them to the appropriate laner, which was the main reason why ezreal still had no kills. http://puu.sh/1QE6y
  • 9. whenever i play leona, i remember i really should buy her and lulu some day. http://puu.sh/1QEXp leona+twitch vs nunu+jayce. we completely ruined them after lee tried to gank us level two, towerdove, and gave twitch red (after a well placed stun i might add :3).
jan 20 2013 ∞
jan 21 2013 +
  • i'm darius. in the jungle. fap. enemy jungler smells like horsey. how do you jungle guys i don't know jungling. shipnipples forgive me i can't jungle. haha man i just suck at this. http://puu.sh/1O69V gonna have to keep trying till i get it right, right?
  • well then, i'll be jungling with elise and probably still be failing horrible. wish me luck. (enemy jungler smells like wolf) man i was ganking every other minute bot and top and they both lost horribly q_q might have something to do with me too i guess? http://puu.sh/1O71D
  • decided against jungling this game so i got mf+fiddle vs vayne+sona. our bot lanemies weren't all that good but they kinda got me a few times while i was being dumb. we ultimately won due to global gold, though (got 3 dragons and were seriously ahead in towers). http://puu.sh/1O7SH
  • guys i blind pick premade with thought it...http://puu.sh/1Oa0b
jan 15 2013 ∞
jan 15 2013 +
  • first game i was ez+kayle vs sivir+morg. this time team didn't implode, maybe because i randomed ez instead of picking him. early on i got the first kill in lane because sivir zoned out or something. she didn't dc she just tried to last hit something close to me when she had 150 hp so i downed her. from thereon we managed to force her out of lane allowing me to get ahead in cs but didn't really win trades until i got bt+bf (which was minutes before they surrendered). our jungler shut down their top and mid which is why we won this. http://puu.sh/1LZjo
  • second game seems to have randomed me ez again. +nunu vs twitch+janners. http://puu.sh/1M2ND laning phase was easy. twitch wasn't too good and janna wasn't mindblowing so we got the upper hand. their boarlady also didn't really do much which lead to a relatively easy victory.
  • wooo i got zyra support + varus vs lulu+e...
jan 10 2013 ∞
jan 12 2013 +
  • wow i haven't played much these days. and i'm leaving for ~2 weeks. talk about rusty when i'll be getting back.
  • i just went sup elise+corki vs nami+trist. corki isn't taking it well. literally all he did laning phase was spam that i was baiting him. fortunately, mid and top were über strong and heca was so beefy you could just drop a drawbridge on top of him and he wouldn't give a fuck. http://puu.sh/1DlT1
dec 20 2012 ∞
dec 20 2012 +
  • i sure fed pantheon this game, early! but i guess i picked up some slack later on? either way, veigar did great mid and i kept myself afloat in bot but was camped by panny. vlad did kinda bad early but he sure got messy later (that's a good thing!). we snowballed by getting an ace, an inhib, and a baron after our first teamfight in which we didn't burn all cd's on alixtar http://puu.sh/1C5oC
  • man why do i always play so shitty when i'm listening to music. ._.
  • whew i just bought darius
  • whuw i'm being corki+zyra vs ez+leona this game. welp first time in ages i do good and we somehow get ahri to 5/0. and now we're her bitches. wow does she just avoid wards and kill us whenever we try to do something. puush is having issues again. god that site used to be RELIABLE. and it even issued the "IMAGE UPLOADED" ping. ...
dec 17 2012 ∞
dec 18 2012 +
  • http://puu.sh/1AWQs just finished a game as elise vs nid top. nid seems pretty easy, you can Q her as she rears her head to cs out of brush and she can't really do much about it as her Q can be dodged and her other skills get her too close to trade with you. and you will eventually out-poke her since she runs out of mana easier than you, especially if she tries to trade. fizz ults can, also, be dodged with your E and mundo didn't bother coming top. maokai came once which got me a kill and snowballed my lane, though. kat kinda lost vs fizz but then again it was a kat vs fizz, and so did twitch vs cait (but again, twitch vs cait). we were kinda in a stalemate lategame but we got the upper hand after cait started farming bot and we just got baron and 3 of them as they tried to contest it.
  • second game with two random buds. we all randomed i got sion goin' with one o' em ...http://puu.sh/1AXEX sion+blitz worked surprisingly well. wel...
dec 14 2012 ∞
dec 14 2012 +
  • ok i guess ahri got completely wrecked mid. so did udyr top. and graves got some early kills from jarvan being a good support but all he did with them was <s>nothing</s>get an IE; as in just an IE not some extra kills or stuff, just that. puush ain't workin' so i was jungle yi trying out some new 9/11/10 stuffmasteries. went pretty decent but we had no chemistry and ahri was totally disappointing didn't bother helping with any leash (can you call it that nowadays?) which slowed me considerably and do you know that moment when you're real sleepy? and you kinda phase in and out of consciousness? ahri was playing like that going mini-afk at random times for seemingly no reason. derp no hatin' on the foxxx 39 minutes 57 IP. woop it's back up here we go http://puu.sh/1z59y
  • boop gonna go on a game with some buddy-buds on blindpick probably. was taric+kayl...http://puu.sh/1z7cN
dec 9 2012 ∞
dec 13 2012 +
  • big patch IS IN. new items. shizzle. bapperdups. whatever. we'll see. wierd there's no login queue.
  • ok i'm taric+ez vs sona+graves, my masteries are all over the place and it's time to check myself some new supports. hellsyeah. you can really feel the passive gold. http://puu.sh/1x3qo ezreal was pretty good mechanically but he didn't pay that much attention (ok it's 8 am at their place and they probably didn't sleep, unlike my european self but WHATEVER); he just wanted to rush his muramana. don't really have what to say about the game except that i hate taric he's suuuuch a bore. but he's strong.
dec 4 2012 ∞
dec 4 2012 +
  • first game was on na draft sr. got irelia top again, vs darius. didn't mess up summoners and it was good. got first blood through an allied j4 gank and kinda snowballed to 6/0 and got TF 15 minutes in. they surrendered at 20. this was my best game as irelia ever and i think i'm starting to get the hang of her. I LITERALLY SPENT MINUTES LOOKING AT THE POSTGAME SCREEN AND FORGOT TO SAVE TIME :c. It was 76 IP though (standard they surrendered @20+1-2 minutes value) +150 wotd.
  • been in queue for 3 and a half minutes which seemed too long so i decided to exit it but as i did i was a given a "you cannot leave queue as you are already in champ select" but i was removed from queue and am now stuck nevermind Riot are investigating the issue with games not starting.
  • whoah. i just got a badge thingy honorabl...http://puu.sh/1uGE4 there, ALL the data. i'm gonna call it a...
nov 25 2012 ∞
nov 26 2012 +
  • shubbadubble
  • here i'll be listin the fuck i played how and how efficient go a fucking head yeehaw
  • ok so first one was an EUNE dominion with serj. we fed an akali but she disconnected so we ultimately won 5v2. was a gp by serj's choice; went triforce+ga+ie which actually worked pretty well except for early game squish due to wrong masteries. 85XP 150+59 IP. will clock times afterwards.
  • the second was another EUNE dominions with serj. i was randomed garen due to an erropr and opted for some tanky mallet+fon+sunfire. barely won a 5v4 due to us chasing kills rather than points. 88XP 60IP forgot time again fuck
  • third game is another serjated dominion on EUNE. i am malphite and seeing how i'm vs an annie, karthus, ziggs, ezreal, and ...
nov 22 2012 ∞
nov 22 2012 +
  • first game i got jungle somehow; am darius, because elise was banned and we got invaded and fb'd. our mid carried us so i guess there's that. NOOOOOOOOOO i forgot to take the screenshot i'm seriously gonna pay more attention from now on i promise. also, mid totally carried us, i mean he told us to lolking him up and he's in challenger (wow). bot did kinda bad because of janna skilling up W second instead of Q, but graves kept his cool and lb organized some shenanigans in their jungle and we got a lot of kills real fast, and then a dragon, and then they surrendered.
  • i just got elise but i'm playing her horrible i forgot i'd changed my runepage to account for the Q increased manacost and got owned by garen because i couldn't poke him. Q_Q wow we just got baron but kass and cait went to farm and vi went for the open inhib. alone. me and soraka got ca...
feb 13 2013 ∞
feb 14 2013 +
  • had a taric+mf vs thresh+ez lane. we won hard, mid didn't lose, and top did ok too and we won quite easily. their top was the renekton top from my first game yesterday, as lee sin. forgot to take shot. ._.
feb 10 2013 ∞
feb 10 2013 +
  • whew went for another ranked, was fp again so i did the usual ban swain pick elise, and proceed to do a decent job top. cowwy had some rough times where he incorrectly estimated their and our damage output and kinda dove only to get slaughtered without much follow-ups, and what, ironically, seems to have brought us victory, was their team catching me alone in mid and blowing ahri and amumu's ults on trying to secure me, which allowed the rest of my team to sweep them clean. http://puu.sh/1Xlp6 (also, i got 28 points for one single match, wow these things don't seem that hard to get in silver 1)
  • second game was god help us a normal draft. i got sona since i was last pick and we did well getting a double kill bot and then mf another kill while i picked ez. but top, mid, and jungle didn't really go as well, and neither was mf; she died a lot because of ryze and ryze+maokai. http://puu.sh/1XmrJ
jan 30 2013 ∞
feb 4 2013 +
  • 16. randomed kass don't know where i'm going help. man who would've thought kass support doesn't do well! went bot with vayne vs sivir + lulu. sivir didn't really level up her things so i forced her back twice!!! and our winning the lane lasted until we got ganked 3 times in a row by both kat and cho. and then gragas kinda ganked but he died? either way top lost too! and mid was just afk farming all game long. http://puu.sh/1SQMD
  • 17. blup we were just as bad this game with cass getting caught before or at the beginning of every teamfight and ez always eing in them. and i need to learn to play vs riven top this is my first game vs one. http://puu.sh/1SRzP
  • 18. oh shit oh fuck oh shit i'm tryn mid god please (probs vs tf; he's magnificent) help. i mean who the hell even sends tryn mid i was first pick q_q. can't take s...
jan 26 2013 ∞
jan 26 2013 +
  • 4. man everybody's banning elise nowadays. whyyy. anyway, i randomed sion and will be going top, i think. maybe mid. haha wow a fourth dodge. oh well if i don't get dodged i'll be fizz top this game. and it's through, i'm probably up vs nid. so flat passive damage off aas + defense tree off aas + a doran's shield = how much? nevermind, they sent kat top. must've thought i'd mid. well, at least i can lane as fizz vs somebody i counter hard. i guess this is revenge for all those games i got horribly brutalized by fizz as kat. http://puu.sh/1QcEH
  • 5. and now i got invited to a game by my kayle so i said sure why not there's 4 of us in lobby right now. well, 3. i got ez+sona vs graves+taric. real tough lane. man we were such a lame bot lane http://puu.sh/1Qe7t
  • 6. http://puu.sh/1QfED third game i got cait+nun but it's kinda nasty lanin' vs corkitaric when nunu goes warding and you're alone for 3 minion w...
jan 20 2013 ∞
jan 20 2013 +
  • i randomed elise in the jungle vs wolfy. I got Q instead of W first which made the first two camps a pain, then got red and first blood top (dived and died for it though); then i died diving giving yi a kill in mid. i thereafter lived through all my dives which were a pretty lot. our mid and bot were way stronger than theirs. http://puu.sh/1OVOP
  • just bought FIZZ. will count amount of games 'till i can buy my next champion.
  • 1. being corki+kayle vs draven+ali right now and man i just don't fit in this team at all. that and akali is superfed and can burst me before i can get kayle ult. http://puu.sh/1OXmL
  • i'll just go roll some awesomenauts or adom or binding of isaac for now.
jan 17 2013 ∞
jan 17 2013 +
  • http://puu.sh/1MMnu first game i wanted to go elise or zyra support since that's what i got left to get but then elise kinda went ahead and picked herself so i just got myself the plantie. my ults were horrible and kass was grounded in mid lane by yi's pushiness. and mao fell behind 'cause he got coutered a lil' bit which left us fending on our own vs the bottoms and a lee every now and then. fortunately the enemy lee didn't build tanky; and then we got some dragons; and then we got akali a few pickups because they had gotten cocky enough they'd just strut around without a care in the world. which slowly and steadily got us the game.
  • second game i banned twitch varus and vi and randomed gragas. this is so going to hurt. hmm. i didn't expect me to do well with fatty. went up vs lux and had to talk to parents in law over the phone the fi...http://puu.sh/1MNl6
jan 12 2013 ∞
jan 12 2013 +
  • i'm backie. and bad. elise vs gp top kinda fell behind so i'll build split pushy and split push. http://puu.sh/1KifX i guess i kinda picked up *some* slack by later on but teammates be better than enemymates (especially botmates) so we won. what first got me into elise top was playing vs her as gangplank but i kinda died like an asshole early on and he was too strong to poke afterwards so i kinda just farmed kept an eye on stuff and all that. (captain's+banner is a real strong combo yo)
  • now i'm vayne+raka vs corki+leo. derped early, got carried. which i'm guessing is gonna keep happening until i shake all this rust off. http://puu.sh/1Kk5u
  • http://puu.sh/1KlbC third game was a real tough one. i was top vs jarvan which all around sucked and i got some kills by roaming in the few minutes our mf was afk. vlad had constant internet issues which kinda made everythin...
jan 6 2013 ∞
jan 6 2013 +
  • i'm nars okoli top vs elise this game. man they sent heimer against me but eve switched right as i got to 6 and wouldn't be zoned by him anymore, so i got sent mid vs elise back to being zoned :c. http://puu.sh/1CnPE they pressed their advantage and stopped farming too soon, which we didn't, keeping us afloat until one lucky (lucky as in great eve ult + nami ult + twitch followup)ace => win.
  • http://puu.sh/1CoHc this game, as you can see, i went top with elise. i wanted darius all these games, but the last one they picked elise first and this one he was banned. so, i was up vs rengar and he got the first kill top because as i went warding BAM LEE SIN (who by the way was pretty good), but then i still denied and 1v1'd rengar twice and i went helped some mid and then i tried to steal their red but they had it warded and i got 3 man ganked but we traded me for 2, and as the game advanced our bot w...
dec 18 2012 ∞
dec 18 2012 +
  • whew first game today i'm sivir+zyra vs graves+janna. our elise mid is up against swain so i'll be keepin' an eye on how she fares but i'm largely worried for her! as for my lane, i'm unsure. and wow is swain carrying. bot is pretty much the only lane didn't lose and our rengar went tanky for some reason so we do no damage. well besides me and elise, who get killed easily because elise ain't tanky and nobody else on our team is much of a threat, really. damn, i didn't get an endgame picture!
  • i was the first in my purple team so i banned champs whose names start with the last letter in the banned enemy champ's name. got vlad top vs presumably riven. wait nope it's pantheon top (whew i was getting worried). no pan is mid i'm vs nid. i'm having some serious lag issues this game though =/. hah. corki's owning though. ...http://puu.sh/1BoYx
dec 15 2012 ∞
dec 18 2012 +
  • this would be my first time vs a swain at top which also makes it my first time as an elise vs a swain top. also why am i not playing ranked whatever. lux started with 4 pots and a flask and a biscuit. got firstblooded. D: and again! but at least this time i got two man ganked instead of me stupidly towerdiving. and i keep getting ganked ._. this is just silly and i also have ad runes on accidentally. hey at least the game was real fun. corki started fountaindiving and fids would just ult baron while i don't know we were shitting around in base. http://puu.sh/1A9h7
  • second game i got somebody blitz asked for sivir or irelia but then the other guy got corki so he panicked got me jax.
    irst time jax let's see how this goes. I ...
dec 10 2012 ∞
dec 13 2012 +
  • so since it's graves free week i figured i could try him up a lil' (in a non-draft though)graves+zyra vs ez+lulu. http://puu.sh/1xoXw uhhhh at least i didn't feed ez that much. it would probably have been a better decision to get a runaan instead of IE but then again i was never the graves player.
  • this time i'm sivir+lulu vs ez+sona. don't really like lulu. and the whole team has this habit of going in fights while fewer than the enemy. which really didn't help us and we're down 2 inhibs now. http://puu.sh/1xpC3 early game was really hard because rammus ganked twice and he didn't really do the best of jobs and we kinda got baited into getting ez 4 kills real early. and then he snowballed into a few more lulu kills and i couldn't really do much vs that and team was always on the move looking for fights so i kinda went with that instead of farming which was a mistake.
  • ok so thiird game i'm nid+vayne vs taric+...http://puu.sh/1xqlc so yeah we won although our comp wasn't ...
dec 5 2012 ∞
dec 13 2012 +
  • i won't really be documenting my EUNE games. they're kinda lame. maybe once I get to 30, I will. other than that, yeah, I've been doing lotta those lately. just got to 20 and made a full (for a lvl 20) AD page. should serve me well.
  • also I just got my first pentakill on EUNE, with vayne. http://puu.sh/1v0of
nov 26 2012 ∞
nov 27 2012 +
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  • first game was on na draft sr as malphite top vs cho. it was mostly two hunks of meat farming alongside and not really managing to dent eachother. died once but still kept my farm up. our mid diana got 9/1 so they surrendered at 23:53. 76IP. yay win #900
  • second game was on na draft sr featuring me as mid rocketdinger vs lux with the occasional ganks from my maokai and their lee sin. ended the game 4/0/3 as they surrendered. our adc being also 4/0/0, and our only deaths in top, two. 21:17, still 76IP.
  • somewhat sleepy but will probably be going for another.
  • so third draft na sr i'm sivir+nunu vs cait+soraka. this'll be interesting. ok noc provided some amazing ganks and while i ...
nov 23 2012 ∞
nov 23 2012 +
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nov 12 2012 ∞
nov 12 2012 +
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dec 10 2013 ∞
dec 10 2013 +
  • only 3 exams failed yay. caught a murderous cold yesterday after my last exam and i barely slept last night so i'm just gonna do some blind picks and have fun today
  • i'm mid vlad vs kass. these things are wack. darius started blue without wolves, and can't gank, though he built a warmog and he just spams his stuff and deals damage which is good; their top is diving two turrets to get to jarv while dying in the process, and we turned this around from being 10 kills and 5 turrets behind them; because normals. http://puu.sh/20RSZ
  • second game randomed annie (vlad past game was random too) and will support cait vs ez+soemthing. these games sure are wild yo. http://puu.sh/20Sxf everybody in my team was too superscared to do or initate anythingggg.
  • IM FIZZY IN THE JUNGLE!!!! but yet another team without any hard intiation. this s...http://puu.sh/20T4T
feb 11 2013 ∞
feb 11 2013 +
  • going for another ranked, will try to get elise, ez, taric or irelia. elise got banned! got ez since i'm familiar with him, laning with taric vs graves+sona. top and mid kinda lost and got lee real weak because they also brought him down with them and then he ganked for us but it got turned around and we gave graves a double which finally made a grand total of 3 lanes losing. http://puu.sh/1XNlK
jan 31 2013 ∞
feb 5 2013 +
  • 19. just had a tough game where i was shyvanna jungle and the enemy jungler smelled of borderlands. http://puu.sh/1TnPF bot got completely trashed early, but lux would clean up and she got fed fast and well i also got a decent lead with some early kills allowing me to just bully ez (who was 9/2) during teamfights so he'd have to focus me instead of lux/varus and we generally relied on lux picking of targets (lux was great) and then fighting with our advantage. kha also didn't really do much outside of laning phase; which lasted around 25 minutes for him and rumble.
  • 20. damn i accidentally went into a blind pick normal instead of a draft. at least i didn't get into a ranked without noticing like that last time i played leblanc and got shut soooo down. i'm vayne+thresh vs draven+zyra. this should've been a hard lane but thresh is good. http://puu.sh/1TAbC game was somewhat difficult in the sense...
jan 27 2013 ∞
jan 27 2013 +
  • 10. Got Elise top vs Irelia. banned my counters (swain & gp) we invaded got two kills, then i got ganked top but killed them both instead and started snowballing. http://puu.sh/1RWNh
  • 10 games earned me around 1400 IP.
  • 11. randomed malz vs malp mid. man i still suck at playing most mid laners. guess i'll hafta go defensive! damn i forgot to take a screen! either way we lost pretty hard.
  • 12. got vayne+sona vs cait+nunu bot. sona wanted mid but zed took it and sona just said she has no idea how to support and it was true, she didn't. http://puu.sh/1S8Zl
jan 24 2013 ∞
jan 24 2013 +
  • 2. going to have my first game with fizz. wish lucks to the me, for i am in dire need. probably vs nidalee? or lee sin. or maybe darius? you can never be entirely sure who goes mid nowadays. ok i'm up against lee. yeah i got totally smashed down to 0/5/0 during laning phase so i just built armor and cdr, hoping that i can be of use to my team some other way and maybe get carried. http://puu.sh/1PCcx
  • 3. elise was banned so i'm jungling rammus this game. enemy jungler seems to be... nautilus? http://puu.sh/1PCLo spent a real lot of time ganking bot because they'd always be pushed and not fast enough to outrun me even though they had wards. i barely went mid and didn't really go near top since it was just a boring farmfest with the laners occasionally brushing against each-other for no discernible damage because they'd regen it right back up.
jan 18 2013 ∞
jan 20 2013 +
  • i must've hit one of the most passive supports ever this game, janna did literally nothing but shield me. no aa harass, no knockups when they went out of position to get me, no slows, not even an ult to disengage anything. http://puu.sh/1NFPR other than that, all lanes lost.
  • now i'm nunu+kog and our shaco just dove bot and died. so did kog when singed came ghosting in right after. aaand they got to 6 before us we were dumb and they're totes snowballed. jace, malp and shaco'd best carry us. their bot really didn't do much with their early lead. and i was a horrible nunu all i did was go in, maybe bait, snowball, buff kog and maybe ult every once in a while and get murdered horribly while hoping my team can clean up. http://puu.sh/1NGKT
  • third i got zyra which i still suck at but who cares i seem to be winning for no reason at all so here we go yay. http://puu.sh/1NHIB
  • this time i got ez and it seems like the ...http://puu.sh/1NIzZ
jan 14 2013 ∞
jan 14 2013 +
  • first game has me mord mid vs elise. didn't play much cause college. anyway game's going well. bot dominates, top is slightly behind, and i'm doing ok, outfarming elise and supporting in teamfights. well top got back ahead now though bot isn't as strong as earlier. can't see ourselves losing this. http://puu.sh/1LIRk
  • second game seems to be me ashe+nunu vs corki+soraka. we have 1 reliable hard cc (a silence) vs their 3 silences (one of them being fid's) and a fear; we have noc's fear and my ult as far as unreliable goes but i'm worried about this game thatwise. We got a bit ahead and they're giving us a lot of attention. I guess the silver lining is Darius pushed to their inhib. http://puu.sh/1LIRk
  • oh man i got eve in the jungle and our mid is getting wrecked by syndra and our top is getting wrecked by akali. bot is han...http://puu.sh/1LL9Q
jan 9 2013 ∞
jan 9 2013 +
  • first game i was elise top http://puu.sh/1CS9b and i can't say i actually did all that good vs rumble. i was able to shut him down early but i had no means of countering him by the time he got to mid and could engage me so i went to other lanes instead and pushed which worked ok. should remember to build elise bruiser split pusher when vs rums or swains.
  • http://puu.sh/1CT2E this game was pretty fun in the sense that all we did was fight with nunu/corki all early game, kill corki, and then be killed by nunu; so i didn't really cs but we pushed bot quick, ran mid as they ganked bot got two turrets there and after a bit of teamfighting where our fed jungler, mid, and top played them around, they surrendered.
dec 19 2012 ∞
dec 19 2012 +
  • this game i was jax jungle in a 5man premade. our level 8 buddy (i'll let you guess who in a while) didn't exactly do well and that kinda fucked cait over too, who nevertheless became useful sooner or later. our irelia was up against their level 9 cho so she kinda got fed off of that too on the other hand. teemo got his feed by offin' varus whenever he was alone and i kinda served as the initiator/keeper of aggro throughout the later game. http://puu.sh/1BzuG
  • now's a normal draft i got malphite in the jungle. or not. the enemy team was hecarim, graves, jayce, pantheon, and riven and hec dodged (probs because 5 ad? that's why i got malphite). either way i'm gonna start calling adc so i can practice i'm getting out of hand with playing all over the place.
  • so i got sivir+ali vs graves+taric. our mid is kat vs karthus (kat should also do ...
dec 16 2012 ∞
dec 16 2012 +
  • hello!
  • i just randomed olaf in the jungle! yay! i have no idea what i'm doing! enemy jungler's amumu so i'll be looking towards getting better at this jungle business and maybe doing some invasionating. http://puu.sh/1AwyT haha wow can you say everybody losing their lanes hard (i guess except cho he did fine)? and i got 2 kills and 2 assists ganking early game so i really don't think you can blame me for much maybe except getting outsmitied at baron but then again amumu was 4 levels above me. overall i don't really know when to jungle and when to gank in order to level up efficiently but i sure stole a few buffs and camps!
  • this time i got support nid+ez vs nunu+cait. they were real passive which allowed us to get an early kill and kinda snowball from there. eve jungle didn't gank us once, while fid continuously did, which helped. our darius on the other hand kept b...
dec 13 2012 ∞
dec 13 2012 +
  • mid vlad vs mord. was doing fine being ahead for once in mid lane but then 3 of us engaged top vs 5 of them and naturally lost giving them the first baron which snowballed them to winning. http://puu.sh/1xJBb blergh at least i got 12900 IP so i'll buy someone.
  • second game i'm jungle cass oh my god. haha this was ridiculous. our top and mid kinda got pounded and, uh, cass ain't too good of a jungler but that wasn't really anything new http://puu.sh/1xOT8
  • i'll be elise top now! vs lee or akali? one of them! http://puu.sh/1xPME i was up vs akali which was hard until i got to lvl 3 and then i took half her hp in a combo. and i snowballed hard from thereon. not much to say.
  • guy from last game invited me to a blind pick so i said whatever he got rengar me elise bot lane vs pantheon jarvan. he uh... kinda rambo'd. twice? and then again? so i guess haha whatever time to have fun...http://puu.sh/1xQrW
dec 6 2012 ∞
dec 13 2012 +
  • man i was totally out of it for a while (HAD GUESTS FOR A FEW DAYS) so all i played was a Dominion where I got carried as teemo and, yesterday, a lot of games on the EUNE.
  • first game today was a draft normal sr where i landed with a 3-man premade that was pretty good. laned as ire vs jax and early game i got ahead by a few kills, and then got some help from ww to dominate my lane and their upper jungle completely. after getting my tf and ga i kinda just spammed green and red elixirs so i could keep having an edge while building towards my wit's end and randuins, but we won soon after. http://puu.sh/1wDG6 (yes, everybody else on my team had an AS boost for me :3)
  • NOTE puush seems to be down right now but i could still upload that so the pic should be visible in a while. in case it never does (:c), 34 minutes, 150+96IP.
dec 3 2012 ∞
dec 3 2012 +
  • first today will be a ranked unless i get dodged so much i lose interest. one dodge. aww man i'm banning i always hate it when i'm banning. doesn't matter anyway, for the game was dodged. looks like i'll be ez+lux vs graves+alistar. wait or is it versus TF+alistar? their team is confusing, tf is packing flash cleanse while graves has ignite ghost. and they have eve jungle i'll have to be careful. we're 1 / 8 as a team right now. and lux is horrible :c. their mid's 5/1 top 8/0 jungler 5/1 and i'm 0/2 i don't think we can win this anyomre. and yess. 28 minutes 54 IP
  • ok second is still ranked sr top irelia vs lee sin. forgot to change summoners so i'm on flash cleanse but i'm ok for now. we pretty much won every lane except bot but ez got lotta kills after and carried. had malz ww and leona (tons of cc) so our victory came easily. 34 minutes, 96 IP....
nov 24 2012 ∞
nov 24 2012 +
  • replace this text with your list
  • begin each item with an asterisk
  • like what are these lists like supportsed to even list, like
  • oh i see i have SO MANY CATEGORIES like
  • yeah i see clearly now so i guess i'll make this about me
  • fuck, i'll make EVERYTHING about me.
  • like ain't as if it were worth makin 'bout 'nything else
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  • hahahahaha god i'm a god of funny.
  • like real humor here everybody
  • vote pueceofshutfickung2012 yo
  • wait fuck why is this orange while the other one's blue??
  • also like what's up with the nov 12 2012 infinity and nov 12 2012 plus
  • sounds like some dumb kinda sales pitch to me
  • and i ain't buyin' it
nov 12 2012 ∞
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