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  • 28) creating great first impressions
  • 27) defining and achieving professional goals


  • 26) building self-confidence
  • 25) developing your professional image
  • 24) efficient time management


  • 23) communication foundations


  • 22) leading with emotional intelligence


  • 21) writing in plain english


  • 20) developing self-awareness
  • 19) anger management


  • 18) body language for women


  • 17) 5 ways to control your time


  • 16) negotiation foundations


  • 15) writing email
  • 14) introduction to the PHR certification exam


  • 13) overcoming your fear of public speaking


  • 12) impromptu speaking


  • 11) getting things done
  • 10) social recruiting for recruiters


  • 9) communicating across cultures


  • 8) interpersonal communication


  • 7) learning to be approachable


  • 6) interviewing techniques
  • 5) acting decisively


  • 4) human resources: diversity recruiting
  • 3) talent sourcing


  • 2) learning linkedin recruiter


  • 1) communicating with confidence

(to do) -

human resources:

  • creating an employee handbook
  • employee experience
  • using metrics to drive HR strategy


  • align recruiting with job requirements
  • hr: strategic workforce planning
  • niche recruiting
  • recruiting foundations


  • informational interviewing
  • internal interviewing
  • interview master class
  • mastering common interview questions

linkedin/social media:

  • employer branding on linkedin
  • personal branding on social media
  • social media marketing: managing online communities
  • writing to be heard on linkedin


  • excel quick tips
  • excel: pivot tables for beginners
  • kickstarter crowdfunding essential training
  • learning webex
  • office 365: learning excel
  • outlook: working with multiple calendars
  • scrivener essential training
  • sharepoint quick tips
  • squarespace essential training: the basics
  • trello essential training
  • wordpress essential training

miscellaneous career:

  • being an effective team member
  • business collaboration in the modern workplace
  • business etiquette: meetings, meals, and networking events
  • creating a culture of change
  • creating a culture of service
  • developing business acumen
  • developing executive presence
  • diversity, inclusion, and belonging
  • executive presence for women
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • having an honest career conversation with your boss
  • inclusive leadership
  • leading effectively
  • managing a diverse team
  • managing diversity
  • managing office politics
  • managing your career: early career
  • proven success strategies for women at work
  • simplifying business processes
  • taking charge of your career
  • the new rules of work
  • working with creative millennials

personal development:

  • confronting bias: thriving across our differences
  • creating a culture of learning
  • creative thinking
  • critical thinking
  • design thinking: customer experience
  • design thinking: data intelligence
  • developing a learning mindset
  • developing cross-cultural intelligence
  • developing resourcefulness
  • finding your time management style
  • holding yourself accountable
  • improving your focus
  • leadership: practical skills
  • learning agility
  • learning from failure
  • life mastery: achieving happiness & success
  • managing to-do lists
  • managing your calendar for peak productivity
  • mindfulness
  • organizational learning & development
  • performing under pressure
  • project management foundations: schedules
  • strategic thinking
  • success habits
  • time management fundamentals
  • unconscious bias
  • using questions to foster critical thinking & curiosity


  • becoming a thought leader
  • being positive at work
  • body language for leaders
  • communicating about culturally sensitive issues
  • communicating in times of change
  • communicating with diplomacy and tact
  • communicating with empathy
  • communication within teams
  • communications foundations
  • creating a positive & healthy work environment
  • crisis communication
  • customer service foundations
  • delivering bad news effectively
  • effective listening
  • establishing credibility as a speaker
  • facilitation skills for managers & leaders
  • finding your introvert/extrovert balance in the workplace
  • humor in the workplace
  • leading productive meetings
  • leading productive one-on-one meetings
  • managing in difficult times
  • managing team conflict
  • naturally speaking essential training
  • negotiating your leadership success
  • organization communication
  • organizational culture
  • persuading others
  • presenting as a team
  • public speaking foundations
  • selling with stories
  • working with difficult people


  • algorithmic trading & stocks essential training
  • cryptocurrency foundations
  • investment evaluation
  • learning bitcoin
  • learning bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies
  • managing your personal finances
  • managing your personal investments
  • personal finance tips & tricks
  • setting your financial goals
  • start a business online


  • introduction to graphic design
  • learning cinematography: narrative fundamentals
  • learning data science: tell stories with data
  • learning type design
  • logo design: techniques
  • universal principles of design
  • what is graphic design?


  • advanced grammar
  • business writing principles
  • business writing strategies
  • creating better blog content
  • customer service: writing for social media
  • editing and proofreading made simple
  • editing mastery: how to edit writing to perfection
  • grammar foundations
  • learning ebook publishing
  • learning screenwriting
  • organizing an outline
  • storytelling for advertising campaigns
  • writing a compelling blog post
  • writing a proposal
  • writing a resume
  • writing articles
  • writing customer service emails
  • writing formal business letters and emails
  • writing speeches
  • writing with flair: how to become an exceptional writer
  • writing: the craft of story
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