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tarfrimmer television (2019: Series, Miniseries & TV Movies Watched)
television (Series to Get Caught up On)
Britty notes
helena hobbies (completion charts)
  • 90s track suits of various colors, materials, etc.
  • a beekeeper's suit + mask
  • a chic apron and patterned oven mitts
  • a clipboard (with a pen clipped in at the top)
  • a colorfully stained (previously white) painting smock
  • a crisp white starchy lab coat
  • a nun's poised & neat habit (w. rosaries + veil)
  • a sleek black wet suit + outrageous, dripping flippers
  • a stethoscope hanging from yr neck (in lieu of necklace)
  • bumbling beautiful bowling shoes (outworn with luf)
  • clackety-clack heels clicking down a hallway
  • clean blue hospital scrubs, pair of nurse's clogs
  • corduroy pants OR a corduroy suit (so dreamy)
  • double-denim ('dungarees' + denim jacket, etc.)
  • janitor-cool-blue uniform / pretty sound of jangling keys
  • kindergarten teacher dress (wacky wonderful) + pretty unkempt hair
  • leotard + ballet slippers + neat hairbun
  • nba player mouthguard drenched w/ yr own saliva (but in a comforting way); mindless gnawing/swashing/purling about yr mouth)
  • overalls (bonus points if over-sized and/or corduroy)
  • puffy white spacesuit paired with marshmallow moonboots
  • ref whistle permanently in mouth / between teeth / mid-blow
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