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tarfrimmer movie challenges (2020 DVD Talk Horror Challenge Checklist)
Kate television (films and TV series - 2020)
emma music (2020 releases)
marianne movies (2020)
heavenly raindrops (an angel cried.)
*pauline heavenly
Abby Applesauce honeybee
Apartmentcat honeycreme
Bru hyejin
Chelsea hyena
Deb iana
Debra irises
EstroJen jacqueline
Florence jam
Gelly jess
Hekate jo
Hjertebarn joe
Jacinda jolie
Jacqueline M.... jubs
Janeka julie
Janise julie
Jordan juno
Josephine just a girl
Juc kaitlin
Kate kaori
Laurene katya
Meagan kb
Megan kennedy
Michelle kookos
Nana kurispie
Oh lali
Oh! laura
Patricia lauren
Plouf laísi
Rain lin
Rebecca lina
Rosamund lisa
Roseofsharonlady listography
Sam littlewhitehouse
Sarah lois
Smith Monday lotte
TT louise
Taylor luna
Venisse m. g.
Venus mali
Vicky malu
VincentMiroiu mapholie
Weston marcella
Zuzanna marianne
a marido
a marina
a thinking pl... mars
a ~ mary
adena maré
alexithymia mateu
alice maura
alice o'bright may
ammarah megan
amy melanie
amy melissa
andie memory
andrea mer
anisha mirrored
anita monday
anna monica
anna moon
antoinette moths
artangel moute
aurelia mullet dean l...
avery nessa
aysha niaise
baba yaga nic
babylove nicolle
banana nina
bastos nori
beable opal
becca pam
bee perri
bel petra
bergta pie
berlingotière pinkfleur
berta psithurism
birden raspberrythunder
birdie rav
birdsong recollective
blarn riho
bleu robyn
bloesem rodrigo
brendi rose
broccomilie rose
cariatide roses & thyme
carina maree ruptures
caroline s
cel sara
ceri sarah celeste
ch. sayuri
christina shabz
chz shimmerkiss
clare shira
czar shirley
danielle shug avery
danni sidhe
dayna silhouetting
downwithcapital skye
edenclair sms
eileen softie
elise some random p...
elizabeth sophia
elle stardust
ellen? sugarplum
elly summertime sa...
elodie syrup is yellow
emi tana
emily tarfrimmer
emma tbp
encre the queen
endlessness thelittletiger
erika tristen
erika tuesday blue
eve valeyvonne
fia vera
freda vetica
furiousrose w
gabes willowdryad
galaco xander
georgia rose yuu
gideon ztarven
hayley 黄冠亨
  • 90s track suits of various colors, materials, etc.
  • a beekeeper's suit + mask
  • a chic apron and patterned oven mitts
  • a clipboard (with a pen clipped in at the top)
  • a colorfully stained (previously white) painting smock
  • a crisp white starchy lab coat
  • a nun's poised & neat habit (w. rosaries + veil)
  • a sleek black wet suit + outrageous, dripping flippers
  • a stethoscope hanging from yr neck (in lieu of necklace)
  • bumbling beautiful bowling shoes (outworn with luf)
  • clackety-clack heels clicking down a hallway
  • clean blue hospital scrubs, pair of nurse's clogs
  • corduroy pants OR a corduroy suit (so dreamy)
  • double-denim ('dungarees' + denim jacket, etc.)
  • janitor-cool-blue uniform / pretty sound of jangling keys
  • kindergarten teacher dress (wacky wonderful) + pretty unkempt hair
  • leotard + ballet slippers + neat hairbun
  • nba player mouthguard drenched w/ yr own saliva (but in a comforting way); mindless gnawing/swashing/purling about yr mouth)
  • overalls (bonus points if over-sized and/or corduroy)
  • puffy white spacesuit paired with marshmallow moonboots
  • ref whistle permanently in mouth / between teeth / mid-blow
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