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  • riding the subway without any bags/things to carry
  • when the water in ur ear finally spills out
  • how hair looks dry underwater but wet above-water
  • the big gust of wind that shoots down the subway when a train comes
  • glue sticking on ur fingers, then peeling off
  • when you're listening to music with someone and you feel them use their fingers to drum along on ur legs
  • finding the faint & tiny scents of the people u luf left behind on ur blankets/sheets, clothes, and skin
  • sipping v hot coffee from a mug w/ 2 childish hands
  • bundling up in big boots to go out in the snow
  • making rly intense eye-contact w/strangers on a train
  • sleeping in a library block & feelin' real safe
  • reading in the quiet backseat of the car
  • the sound of a group slurping hot soup together
  • stepping on hot asphalt barefoot in the summer
  • the texture/look of paper after being wet + dried
  • when you're seeing a band live n they start playing the opening notes of a song & it's quiet til everyone comes to the recognition of the song at the approximately exact same time & u all cheer together
  • underling & annotating books like a scholarly psychopath
  • leaving tiny secret lyric-graffiti on washroom stalls
  • the feeling of pulling seeds out of a pumpkin
  • hearing someone tell the same lil anecdote again to other people in marginally different ways
  • the chaotic feeling of a big handful of jellybeans
  • sittin' calmly in a dept store chair as ur pal shops
  • napping w/ someone & waking up at the same time
  • looking at the lil clusters of costumed kids straggling around holding pillowcases n pails out on halloween
  • curling ur bare toes into a soft/clean plush carpet
  • standing on a subway cart slouched w/ ur shoulder resting (cool + aloof) against the door
  • hoarse voice lost from a concert the night before
  • waking up & immediately telling someone abt ur dream
  • riding a bike in the fall in cool blu jeans
  • the feeling of sun-dried hair after the beach
  • the pressure of headbands on ur head & ears
  • locker room implicit sympathy/camaraderie
  • soft comfy baggy sweatpants + a tank top
  • cracking your back, knees, or neck
  • nice & warm-smelling lotions/perfumes/creams
  • organizing bookshelves n lil table figurines
  • summerwind blowing in through the window
  • wandering around city shops & bookstores
  • getting a seat on the bus after standing all day
  • summer thunderstorms/rainstorms
  • getting & giving compliments
  • getting drunk with a new pal for the first time
  • finishing a run or a piece of writing
  • obsessing over one song for days/weeks
  • eating cold fruit outside in the summer
  • sleeping on clean bedsheets fresh out of a shower
  • the smell of a barbecue
  • laying on a trampoline under treeshade
  • making lists of everything
  • eating garden tomatoes w/ ur hands in the summer
  • standing with ur hands in ur pockets
  • when ur ferriswheel cart pauses at the top
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