• the cards m. sent me, finally arrived. and i loved it
  • i finally got a sort of job that i like that doesn't include teaching.
  • getting closer to nate, even tho we've known each other for about 5 years or so.
  • start working for mescla.


it has been a crazy month so, i'll record some things randomly

  • m. & e.got their christmas cards and they both really liked it.
  • noah's health is much better.
  • so many of my favorite shows coming back! and discovering really great ones.
  • watching "sixth sense" with mom.
  • m. being more open about his feelings, making me feel less crazy about mine and maybe, more hopeful.
  • getting my spotify account back! (goodbye deezer)
  • james blake's new album is absolutely amazing.
  • "hip hop you're the *EXPLICIT* of my life"
  • not having a breakdown despite all the changes and stressful events.
  • thay inviting me for the coolhunting course!
  • riki lindome & fred armisen on crazy ex-girlfriend as cats!
  • all the cool people i met at mescla.
    • rê is the sweetest human being ever.
    • i might have had a crush on sávio, i'm a sucker for anyone with unique body traits. (keep it in your pants girl!)
jan 19 2019 ∞
mar 18 2019 +