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  • i made a surprise for m's bday • we went to the sushi train at kabuki • dinner with the parents and nis to celebrate m's and maman's bday • we went to see the cherry trees in schaerbeek. they were mostly all gone but i managed to get some to dry • oneohtrix point never gig at ab • got myself some nice deals at vinted: 3 charmy chans, 2 baby sylvanians and some disney miniatures • cut my own hair short for the first time in years, don't know if i'm too happy about it • baby reindeer making me feel so many different emotions


  • the first flowers are starting to appear • got covid again with m. • obsessing over shogun • cillian won the oscars, how i love that man • 3 month anniversary


  • finished playing the walking dead and cried so much • went to the year's first show with m. at AB • lunar new year celebration at a restaurant in mons with the parents, m. and nis & the dragon dance • our first valentine's day physically together and married • m. got me the sylvanian families giraffe family and the switch fashion dreamer • a spark of sunshine entered through my window after a particular gloomy afternoon


  • it snowed all through the country, streets covered in white. my first time seeing so much snow • went to the park with m. while it was still frozen • back to postcards • finished the crown • we got a new nintendo switch • time is flying
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