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gr8 scents

  • chlorine water/clean public pools + fresh white warm towels
  • burnt chalky firework bits (esp on cool summer evenings)
  • freshly baked bread wafting out of ovens/bakeries
  • freshly blown-out candles/matches + small lingering smoke
  • freshly brewn ground coffee beans in the morning/anywhere
  • frozen yogurt cafes (crystal clean/cold countertops+vibes)
  • gasoline + hot cement (esp in the summertime)
  • the smell of home after u've been away a long time
  • the clean steam wafting into my bedroom after i shower
  • fresh linen + fabric softener/clean laundry hangin on the line
  • laundromat dryer exhausts & foamy soapsuds on the sidewalk(!)
  • light rain blowin in thru open windows on a warm summerday
  • sesame oil/coconut oil/jojoba oil (((so many oils)))
  • suntan lotion/sunblock, cold aloe-vera + bugspray in summer
  • the clean, sterilized scent of hospitals & airport terminals
  • "the mélange of shopping mall food-courts that always makes u feel slightly depressed" (paraphrased from somewhere)
  • impressively old books, newspapers, libraries & homes

gr8 sounds

  • light/quiet windchimes blowing in the backyard
  • compulsively clicking ur pen while studying solo
  • a group of people slurping bowls of hot soup together
  • the funny sound of frayed/raspy voices still tryin to speak
  • the satisfying slop & slosh of my rainboots walking in the mud
  • the crisp n cool clacking of heels down a clean, polished floor

gr8 feelings

  • cracking my knees or back
  • having my hair washed/shampooed/massaged by another person
  • hearing certain people say my name (esp bb, dom, my dad, etc)
  • receiving a nice card/letter/package in the mail unexpectedly
  • holding a warm stack of papers fresh from a printer/copy machine
  • crossing an item off a to-do list (esp 1 that's been there a while)
  • putting cooled aloe-vera on ur hot & sensitive lil sunburn
  • a clean/crisp/cold shower after a hot sandy day at the beach
  • eating fresh, cold fruit in the summer (esp w/ only my hands)
  • napping within a sunbeam in a park or a cool spot on the beach
  • walkin barefoot in fresh, cool green grass (either in the morning when it's still moss-colored & dewy OR in the warm afternoon when u can feel ur small toes toastin in the sun)
  • resting my hands over a hot fire/furnace in the winter
  • the moment the roasty hot seatwarmers take effect in the car
  • clutching a hot & comforting cup of coffee/cocoa in the winter
  • making fresh hot coffee in the morning n quietly watching the colors crash & swirl when i add the sugar or milk in my mug
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