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  • “some of these things are symptoms and some of these are being human. and now I'm torn between trying to be a better man and trying to accept the man I am... the people that I've talked to and the books that I've read and the tv shows and movies that I've seen are all I have to turn to to learn how to live but when will I ever learn?” kimochi warui (when? when? when? when? when? when? when?).
  • “i have become such a negative person / it was all just an act / it was all so easily stripped away. but if we learn how to live like this maybe we can learn how to start again. like a child who's never done wrong, who wasn't taken that first step.” drunk drivers / killer whales
  • “[...] because it's not the sadness that hurts you, it's the brain's reaction against it. it's not enough to love the unreal, I am inseparable from the impossible, I want gravity to stop for me. my soul yearns for a fugitive from the laws of nature.” beach life-in-death.
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