• some people try to tip us when we bring out their online orders.
  • someone brought in buttons that say "we love you grocery workers thank you ."
  • customers saying thank you for working/for being open.
  • the tea store down the street brought in little packets of wellness tea for us as a thank you for being open.
  • my hands have a rash and the skin is flaking from all the sanitizing and cleaning (even though we wear gloves).
  • one man said this was all a "scam."
  • had to not vomit when I saw a woman wearing a "Trump 2020" hat and a teenaged boy wearing a "Keep America Great" hat.
  • out of toilet paper.
  • possibly starting to calm down (fewer hoarders), though a lot of people are utilizing the curbside order system.
  • I don't really "feel" like I'm in a quarantine since I'm still leaving the house and working over 30 hours a week.
  • A customer brought two dozen roses for two of my coworkers one night.
  • Kind of feeling bitter that people on unemployment get an extra $600 a week -- they are making $1200 to my approximate $600 paycheck, and I have to deal with the real possibility of getting sick.
  • customer made me cry
mar 29 2020 ∞
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user picture Venus: You guys are quite literally our heroes. I wish it could be better and safer and I imagine it's really frustrating to not be off. I can't change that part, of course, but my mom and I were talking about it just yesterday. We love you guys! mar 29 2020