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list started: feb 2, 2018

  • Chloe - shih tzu mix, very sweet
  • Sigmund - gray, very soft fur
  • Remy - very soft black poodle, 1.5 yo, owner said he thinks everyone is his friend
  • Liker - some sort of collie, 4yo, smiled!
  • Lyra - white husky/german shepherd mix, 10 months old, owner was extremely attractive, said she's shy but she came right up to me!!!!
  • Dexter - mix (chihuahua/dachshund x ????), lil chunk, loves to run down the hallway
  • Seamus - cavalier king charles, 9 yo, so sweet!!! the most soulful eyes, wanted to put his face right next to mine!!!
  • Maverick - a lab mix?, 5 yo, a handsome boy with golden eyes!
  • Burton - lab mix?, 4 yo, almost died when he was a puppy!!, rescued in alabama, one brown eye and one blue eye, very very excited!!!
  • Rex - black lab, very old, white around the eyes and muzzle (so distinguished), gentle, limps, such a good boy
  • Quinn (g) - golden retriever, 8 yo, gray around muzzle, shy but loves scratches
  • Ace - pitbull, 1yo (plus a few months), so much energy!!!, gave me kisses!!!
  • Bentley - golden retriever, 4 yo, best fluffy paws, so big and sturdy and fluffy like a teddy bear, sat in my lap!!!!!, the most handsome boy!!!!, a total ham for the camera
  • Raven - black lab, old, gray fur, so gentle, just wanted a nap and to give kisses to hands
  • Riley (g) - collie (mix?), 3 yo, a lot of energy, sat and shook my hand for a treat!!!!
  • Scooter (g) - boston terrier mix, 7 yo, so sweet!!, she can say "i love you"!!!!!!
  • Daphne - 6mo great dane, such a big girl already!!!
  • Monkey - lab mix, so sweet!!! fur was all shades of brown
  • Wiley - 4mo black lab mix, loves attention, was wearing the most dashing plaid bow tie!!!
  • (I saw a guy riding a bike and he was wearing a backpack and in his backpack was a doggo!!!!! I didn't meet them but I had to include them in this list)
  • Titan - 12 yo, shih tzu who just got a haircut!!!, his tongue was sticking out his mouth!!!!!!!!!!!! a total ham, according to his mom
  • Cassie - it was her 9th birthday!!, lab/husky mix, very soft, sheds a lot, so sweet!!!!!
  • Bella - 5ish (mom thinks she's older), speckled tricolor chihuahua, rescued from a breeder so everything is new to her, so pretty and darling!!!!
  • Girly Girly - 9 mos, a shih tzu I think?, her human's an old man!!!, she was getting socialization classes because she's a bit nervous ("she vibrates when she gets nervous"), such a darling little pup!!
  • Lass - 1 and a half, West Highland Terrier, kept jumping up on me omg!! so excited!!! she gave me lots of kisses!!! she's getting her haircut in two days
  • Bonnie - 2, border collie/cattle dog mutt, the most puppy-eye expression!!!!!, she kept giving me kisses and trying to jump on me
  • Coco - 12 yo, chihuahua/terrier mix, wearing the most adorable little sweater!!!!!!!!!, met her at a book festival, she had the tiniest little face with the biggest eyes!!
  • Sully - 3 months old!!!, golden retriever/irish setter mix (absolutely GORGEOUS), he's the runt of the litter!!, super soft, kept stealing the dog treats!!!!!
  • Bella - ~3, Chihuahua, kind of a merle pattern coat?, human was holding her in her sweater!!!!!!!, SO tiny like really tiny even for a Chi, nervous around people but prefers women, growled at me a little bit but let me pet her
  • Pippa - didnt ask her age, black & tan shiba inu, according to her human that breed is v standoffish so Pippa didnt want any pets but she did smell my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!
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user picture Lawlie: What a lovely list! ♥ What about adding the doggos characteristics or breeds? feb 25 2018
user picture vagabond: I should! I'm not super good with identifying breeds, but I'll try :)
user picture Amanda Malashevsky: This is such an amazing list. I just love it! :P Very inspired! apr 10 2018
user picture Amanda Malashevsky: Honestly, mind if I steal?
user picture vagabond: Go ahead! I'd love to see it :)
user picture Michelle: This is my favourite list, ever. May I use the idea, please? (I'll credit, of course!) <3 apr 22 2018
user picture vagabond: Please do! I would love to read it!
user picture anna: this is my favourite list ever jun 25 2018
user picture vagabond: ahhh thank you!! meeting a new dog is such a wonderful encounter <3 jun 26 2018
user picture Venisse: This is the best list I've ever seen! Your listography inspires me a lot ♡ jul 20 2018
user picture vagabond: Oh my gosh thank you so much! Yours is lovely, too! jul 21 2018