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  • "For her behaviour, manners, attire and tongue she excelled them all." — Lancelot de Carles
  • "I have never had better opinions of woman than I had of her." — Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, Anne Boleyn’s pastor and Boleyn family friend.
  • "Her excellent grace and behaviour." — George Cavendish, usher to Cardinal Wolsey, when explaining why Anne stood out from the rest of women at court.
  • "She knew perfectly how to sing and dance…to play the lute and other instruments." — Lancelot de Carles
  • "I find her so bright and pleasant for her young age that I am more beholden to you for sending her to me than you are to me." — Archduchess Margaret of Austria, who trained Anne as a maid of honour in her household
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