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trying to organize my mind
it never works

i've stolen a lot of peoples list ideas, so if you see yours here, i'm sorry.

Seastar follows:
rebecca television (essential star trek: the original series episodes)
L movies (watched in 2019)
Kate notes (Positives of borderline personality)
Rachel notes (Successful Activities We Have Done at IJGA)
sidhe university
/ matisse a. n.
7 a.a.
Abbey alaska
Albion alexandrine
Alee alexis britt
Alee alice o'bright
Amanda is a w... alina
Amelia Day all about alice
Amy allie
Angie ami
Anna andthat'saboutit
Anna anemone
Anne angela
Anne Marie anita
Anon anjelica
Anouk annie
Anya apricity
Artemis april
Bets aray717
Bia arirang
Billy art & mythology
Bliss beeks
Bookzilla beyou
Boots babyy bikki
Camila de Brito bird
Candice Austen birdie
Candy bloesem
Carmaella blousons
Cattie Bree Skye bridget
Charles cai la la
Charlotte Sofia cari
Chey carina maree
Cheyenne chloe
Christina chriss
Christine claire
Christine clare
Clara coffeestains
Court corrin;
D. A d
Daniela denise
Danielle dirtybedsheets
Dayton dixseptdix
Dea dj miu
Deanea el(een).
Deserae elly
Dreamer girl emesque
Easy Moments ... emily
Eden emily
Elaine emma marie
Elise encre
Ellie endlessness
Emeline fawnprince
Emily fleurette
Emily francesbean
Emily freda
Emma gellie22
Emmalie Jade greatghosts
Erin gwyneth
Frida hannah
Ga hazel
Gerardine headvsheart
Gizelle helena
Heidi her
Iris hollyowl
Isabel honeycreme
Isabelle hush
J. ida fiskaa
J. idioteque
Jaana io
Jaana is a belle
Jacinda janelle
Jacqueline M.... jen
Jacquelyn jennifer
James jess liddell
Jane joely
Jenni jp
Jess jutegrain
Jessica juvari
Jo kaleigh
JoanieKay kari
Josephine katbyrd
Joy kathymay
Juc katie
Julie katy
Julienne keezy
Juliet kimber
K kizza
Kat krystle
Kate laipse
Kate lamb face
Kath lapin
Katt lauren
Katya lia
Kay lighthouselet...
Kelsey lilou
Kelsey lily
Kerry lindsay
L lisa
Lauren listography
Lee littlewhitehouse
Lee loren
Lenne louise
Leslie luella
Lissa madleighton
Loren mango
Lou marissa
Lou meagan
Lydiane melissa
Lykke melydia
M memory
MJ micah
Maddie misswallflower
Maggie mon
Maike montana
Mana moths
Marrie moute
Marta natalia peris
Maxine nia
McKenzie oliviagreg
Megan otter
Megan Toy p s y c h e ...
Melody princess sophie
Merry rebecca
Mirthe regencygirl
Mitra rinda
MollyCecile rose
Monique saeglopur
Monte samantha
MorningLight sara
MrShankly sarah
Nadira Tania sarah sjafina
Nereida sarah_karenina
Nohemi seasmoke
Orla serenitysangel
Ossessione shimmerkiss
Pam shosanna
Pamcy sidhe
Polythene Tam silhouetting
Puggle skinnypoo
Pâquerette skoobe
Q skudge
Rachel skye
Raquel sleeping fawn
Reen sleepsleeper
Ribbons sofi
Rosie soigne
Rowan sonja
Rubab sophiejade
S. starchild
S.Cornett steph
SJ sugarplum
SNSD suzanneelizabeth
Sahar t.hazel
Sam tavi
Samantha thatsincentive
Sarah the angry blonde
Selma the epitome o...
Shannon the lonely deer
Stargazer Lily the_child_of_...
Stephanie thelittletiger
TT themoon
Taylor thursday
Tet tinypassionfl...
The Girl Without vagabond
Vanessa veronica
Vera victoria
Volpone victoria carol
Young Nguyen wanderingeyes
Z withloveandfo...
a xi
a yasmine
a girl 소준
  • dal shabet's "have, don't have"
  • baths
  • random dreampop/"chillwave" on 8tracks
nov 25 2012 ∞
nov 25 2012 +

list 1:

  • exhume
  • autonomy
jun 9 2012 ∞
jan 11 2013 +
  • by january i hope to have lost 15+ pounds
  • to get ready and dressed for the day, every day, even if i know i'll just be home
  • (almost) NEVER eat fast food
  • limit coffee/caffeine to 1-2x a month, if at all
  • no more juices
  • limit tea to 1x a week
  • exercise 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week
  • learn floops/logic
    • create a song
  • learn keyboard & guitar
    • one pura song
    • one shena song
  • study pixel art
  • study html
oct 28 2012 ∞
nov 8 2012 +
  • The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • A Separate Peace by John Knowles
  • On the Road by Scott Donaldson
  • This Side Of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Naked Lunch by William Burroughs
  • Walden by Henry David Thoreau
  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare
  • The Stranger by Albert Camus
  • The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Boy Meets Boys- David Levithan
  • The Realm of Possibility- David Levithan
  • Are We There Yet?- David Levithan
  • Wide Awake- David Levithan
  • Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist- David Levithan
  • Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List- David Levithan
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson- David Levitha...
oct 26 2012 ∞
oct 26 2012 +

this year, i've realized october is my favorite month.

  • worrying every day about classes
  • thinking about learning fl studio, pixel art, guitar, and keyboard
  • trying to diet- and failing every day
  • girle is practicing her walking (getting better every day) and talking (can say hi to us when she wants)
  • basking in this beautiful feeling of fall all around
  • trying to take time and remember to appreciate days, little things, everything properly
  • pulled out the heatdish again!
  • going crazy over Jolee's Boutique scrapbooking stickers on amazon. ugh! i want them all.
  • girle has gotten kind of sick of yo gabba gabba for now, so she's been watching more sesame street
oct 25 2012 ∞
oct 25 2012 +
  • replace this text with your list
  • begin each item with an asterisk
nov 25 2012 ∞
nov 25 2012 +
  • rewatching the office
  • all caught up with the walking dead, anxiously awaiting new episodes as they come
nov 8 2012 ∞
nov 8 2012 +
  • Kenzaburo Oe
  • Banana Yoshimoto
  • Haruki Murakami
  • Natsuo Kirino
  • Kōbō Abe
  • Miyuki Miyabe
  • Ryu Murakami
  • Shintaro Ishihara
  • Mitsuyo Kakuta
  • Teru Miyamoto
  • Amy Yamada
  • Kenzu Kitakata
oct 26 2012 ∞
oct 26 2012 +
list icon




  • ASAP: Assignment Ch. 1 (CSW39)
  • ASAP: Assignment Ch. 2 (CSW39)
  • ASAP: Assignment Ch. 3 (CSW39)
  • SAT 9/8: Quiz 3 (CS11)
  • SUN 9/9: Discussion 3 (CS11)
  • MON 9/10: Exam 1 (MATH80)
  • TUE 9/11: Math (MATH80)
  • WED 9/12: Assignment 2 (CS11)
  • WED 9/12: Math (MATH80)
  • THU 9/13: Math (MATH80)
  • FRI 9/14: Assignment Ch. 4 (CSW39)
  • SAT 9/15: Quiz 4 (CS11)
  • SUN 9/16: Critical Book Review (HIST30A)
  • MON 9/17: Math (MATH80)
sep 8 2012 ∞
oct 18 2012 +

winter= december-february

  • to get the tree
  • put up decorations
  • bake cookies and pies
  • have an hp marathon
nov 5 2012 ∞
nov 25 2012 +

fall= september-november


  • go to the library & check out some books for girle and me
  • drink more cocoa!
  • collect leaves for journals
  • go to sf finallyy, & eat clam chowdeur: we went, but didn't go to the wharf, or really do much of anything because we were on limited time & money.
oct 27 2012 ∞
nov 25 2012 +
  • orange caramel's "lipstick" album (mostly just the song)
  • random soft, sweet pop on 8tracks (while girle has her baths)
  • just downloaded some odd future!
  • bossa nova (whenever i can find it/come across it)
oct 26 2012 ∞
oct 26 2012 +