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some thoughts on succession characters throughout the seasons. SPOILERS AHEAD! btw i did a similar thing with downton abbey .

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after season 1:

  • connor: i thought he was the most normal, but he's insane, cringe, and has terrible anger issues. definitely the worst sibling.
  • frank: seems like a nice guy. probably one of the most normal characters.
  • gerri: seems like a nice gal. probably one of the most normal characters, but i don't like her loyalty to logan
  • greg: dumbass, but he's okay. i hate how he lets people walk all over him, but i can see how that's going to change
  • hugo: pretty neutral, like him more than frank
  • kendall: great. he tries so hard, and he's really okay except for the drug use.
  • logan: fucking hate that guy. die already old prick
  • marcia: such a bitch, there's something truly wrong with her
  • rava: she seems nice & smart, i kinda love her
  • roman: i thought he was going to be the funny one, and he is, but he's also such a pussy and a daddy's boy, don't like him
  • shiv: she's alright except for her cheating, and the whole relationship with tom is so strange, i don't trust her
  • tom: i thought he's normal and deserves better but he is a fucking psychopath. i hate how he treats greg and he definitely deserves every shit he has to deal with. plus he's absolutely gay.
  • willa: i don't understand how she can be with connor, she seems smart and nice.

favorite: kendall!

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after season 2:

  • connor: dumbass.
  • frank: (unchanged)
  • gerri: i love her. girlboss. and i ship her with roman.
  • greg: he's slowly finding his place and i like it. still takes too much shit from others though. he also had a glowup.
  • hugo: (unchanged)
  • kendall: my boy is going through some shit. i don't like his "drowning in pussy" phase. final episode redeemed him, he's the king now.
  • logan: better than last season, but still a piece of shit.
  • marcia: better than last season, but still a bitch.
  • mom (caroline): i know people hate her but i kind of love her. she's great. maybe because i know the actress from a different tole.
  • naomi: i hate her, she's a bad influence on kendall.
  • rava: (unchanged)
  • rhea: loved her at first. she's smart and kinda cool, but she likes logan - ewww. later redeemed herself a bit.
  • roman: i love him this season. yeah, he sucks, but i love him. his broken-ness is really coming through.
  • shiv: she's dumb and thinks she's smart. it's annoying. she's also a fucking asshole.
  • tom: annoying.
  • willa: kind of a dumbass, i like her much less now.

favorite: dare i say it...? gerri and roman.

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after season 3:

  • connor: he's much better this season, i actually wish he was there more
  • frank: (unchanged)
  • gerri: QUEEN and oh my god i need her and roman to be a thing c'mon!
  • greg: suing greenpeace. it was all up and down with him this season. he's fun but go he was acting like a little shit
  • hugo: (unchanged)
  • jess: she was cool
  • karolina: i've always loved her
  • kendall: his cheerful attitude is extremely upsetting, i hated him in the first half. then he was back to his miserable self and i liked him more again, but didn't love him
  • kendall's children's bunnies: showstopping. extraordinary. breathtaking.
  • logan: he's annoying but i don't want to smash my tv anymore when he's on screen.
  • marcia: (unchanged)
  • mom (caroline): i know she betrayed them or whatever but she seems fine
  • naomi: i can't stand her
  • rava: getting bad vibes from her
  • roman: he's soo mean but i love my quivering sad wet pathetic little rat ♡ go get that milf hell yeah mommy issues
  • shiv: i half-hate half-like her, sometimes she's the only one making rational decisions here (except gerri)
  • tom: extra bi this season. (and such a downer. boo-hoo i might go to jail for the crime i did.) i like that he's standing up for himself.
  • willa: i don't know if i like her more or less now that she actually has a personality. probably more

favorite: roman ♡ ♡ (and gerri)

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after season 4:

  • connor: my sweet boy. he was nice this season, and he kind of is a winner in all of this
  • frank: (unchanged)
  • gerri: damn she's in her fail era. didn't like her that much :(
  • greg: greg the fucking egg. idk kind of neutral, good for him though
  • hugo: getting really annoying here!!
  • kendall: i didn't hate him anymore, but he deserved this
  • mom (caroline): slightly less cool this season but she's not extremely annoying
  • rava: she just wants to protect her children, i feel bad for her
  • roman: my boy. my sad little pathetic boy.
  • shiv: she was okay. i neither love her nor hate her. it is very annoying how capricious she is, though
  • tom: wow. he was good this season. good for him.
  • willa: icon, queen, legend.

favorite: roman

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