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Plouf Apprentissage (Russian Podcasts (Russianwithmax))
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  • fun
  • passionate
  • uses stories from their personal life to explain concepts
  • very clear about homework, exam, etc.
  • organized resources
  • optional resources for additional learning/practice
  • always includes students in the teaching (e.g. lets them read) but doesn't force it
  • info about exam structure in lesson 1
  • uploads powerpoints at the start of the lesson
  • always laughing, doesn't feel like a lecture but more like a conversation
  • pop culture references, tv show clips, etc
  • puts all the resources online from the start and says exactly what students have to do the whole semester
  • doesn't just speak themselves, lets students speak and explain things


  • awkward silences, e.g. during youtube ads
  • typing during class
  • not repeating the question when nobody answers (they might not have heard it)
  • saying the same joke twice
  • shows too many youtube videos
  • youtube ads / autoplay
  • too much text on powerpoint
  • ugly/boring powerpoint
  • abstract concepts without examples
  • thinks they're always smarter than the students
  • never sees when someone is raising a hand
  • takes days to send what the homework even is
  • guilt-trips students about how stressed they are
  • uses difficult words and assumes that everyone knows the meaning
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