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Plouf Apprentissage (Russian Podcasts (Russianwithmax))
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dina 2024 (arts)

abate, abattoir, abject, abrasive, abscess, abscond, absolve, accede, acclaim, accumulation, acerbic, acolyte, acquiesce,acrid, acuity, acumen, adage, adamant, adversary, affluent, affront, afghan, aft, agate, aggregate, agitate, agnostic, airily, alcove, alembic, alight, allegory, aloof, ambivalent, ambulatory, amend, amenity, amiable, amicable, anemic, animosity, anticipatory, antiphon, apex, apiary, apotheosis, appall, appease, appraise, apprehensive, apt, aptitude, arbiter, archaic, ardent, argent, argot, arid, armada, artifice, ascot, asinine, asperity, assimilation, astute, attest, august, auspices, auspicious, austerity, avarice, aviary, avuncular, awning, axillary, axiom, bacchanal, balm, banal, baneful, bangle, barbarous, barge, bashful, basin, bask, bassinet, bauble, bearing, beatific, bedraggled, beguiling, beleaguer, belligerence, belligerent, bemused, benign, berate, bereft, berth, beseech, besiege, bespoke, bilge, bilious, billow, biodiversity, blandishment, bleary, blithe, bludgeon, blunderbuss, boatswain, bode, bodice, bodkin, boisterous, bonhomie, bon mot, booty, bosom, bounty, bout, bovine, bow, brandish, bravado, brazen, brethren, bribe, brig, broach, brooch, brook, browbeat, brusque, buccaneer, bureau, burnish, cacophony, cadence, calamity, calico, callous, calumny, cant, canvas, caper, caprice, capricious, careen, carte blanche, cataclysm, catatonic, cathartic, caustic, cavalier, cavil, cerebrate, cessation, chagrin, chalice, charlatan, chaste, chastise, chew the fat, chiaroscuro, chickpea, chiffon, choleric, cilantro, circuitous, circumflex, circumspect, clairvoyant, clamber, cleave, clipper, clog, clout, cloy, cloying, clutch, coalesce, coddle, coercion, coeval, cognomen, cohort, coiffure, coincide, collateral, collude, commiserate, complacently, complaisant, compliance, comrade, conceit, concession, conciliatory, concupiscence, concur, conduit, conflagration, conifer, conjecture, conscientious, consecrate, consensus, consolidate, conspicuous, constable, consternation, constitute, construe, consummation, contemptuous, contender, contingency, contraband, contravene, contrite, contrive, convalesce, convection, conversant, conviction, convivial, convoluted, copacetic, copious, coppice, cordon, corduroys, coroner, corpuscle, corral, corroborate, corsage, corsair, corvette, countenance, courtship, covenant, covet, coxswain, coy, crass, cravat, credulous, crestfallen, crimson, crockery, crony, crow's nest, cufflink, culmination, cumin, cummerbund, cursory, cusp, cutlass, dalliance, damsel, dapple, dappled, daunt, dauntless, deadlight, debase, debauch, debouch, deciduous, deck, declaim, decomposition, decorous, decorum, deference, deft, deign, delve, demoniac, demur, demure, denounce, deride, derision, desalination, desertification, desolate, despondent, despot, desultory, detrimental, detritus, devolve, devout, dew, dexterity, diadem, diaphanous, dichotomy, diffident, dignified, digress, dinghy, dingy, dinky, dire, disarming, disdain, disdainful, disdainfully, disingenuous, disposition, dissemination, dissipate, distend, distortion, diurnal, divan, diverting, docile, docket, doctrine, doubloon, drab, dreadnaught, dredge, droll, dropsy, drudgery, ducat, duly, dungaree, dysentery, dyspepsia, ebullience, ecumenical, edifying, effigy, effulgence, elation, eldritch, elegiac, elicit, eligible, emaciated, embolden, embroil, eminent, empirical, enervate, enigmatic, enmity, ensconce, enthralled, entrails, entreaty, epigram, epiphany, epistolary, epithet, epitomize, equanimity, equinox, equipoise, erosion, errant, escapism, eschew, escrow, esoteric, especial, essay, estimable, estuary, euphemistic, evince, eviscerate, evocative, exaltation, exasperate, excitation, execrable, exempt, exhilaration, exorbitant, expedient, expound, extrapolate, exultation, exulting, facetious, facile, facsimile, factoid, fallacious, falter, farcical, fastidious, fathom, faucet, feign, fervent, fervid, fervor, fetid, fey, figurehead, filch, filigree, filly, first mate, fitful, fledgling, flippant, floe, florid, flounce, flounder, fo'c'sle, foible, folly, forbearing, foreboding, forecastle, foresail, foretell, forlorn, forsake, founder, fowl, fractious, fray, frayed, frenzy, friable, frigate, frisk, frivolous, frock, frowsy, furor, furtive, furtively, gall, galleon, galley, gallows, gambit, gambol, gangly, garb, garbled, garish, garner, gauche, gaudy, gauge, gaunt, gauntlet, geezer, gemmed, gerrymander, gesticulate, ghastly, gilded, gilt, gizmo, glaucous, glib, glower, goad, gossamer, gouache, gravitas, grisly, grog, grouse, gunwale, hackneyed, haggard, hamper, hapless, harangue, harbinger, harpoon, harrowing, hassock, haughty, heady, hector, heinous, helm, henceforth, herald, herculean, heuristic, highbrow, hitch, hitherto, hoary, hoist, hone, hoodwink, hosiery, hovel, hoyden, hull, husbandry, hypochondriac, idiosyncratic, ignoble, ignominious, illicit, illusive, imbue, immemorial, immure, impalpable, impeccable, imperceptibly, imperious, impervious, impetuous, impetus, implicitly, implore, impudent, inane, incandescent, incantation, incendiary, incidence, incorrigible, incredulous, incursion, indict, indignant, indignantly, indisposed, indolent, indomitable, inducement, indulgent, inebriated, ineffable, inert, inexorably, infer, infidel, infiltration, infinitesimal, infirm, inflection, influx, ingenuous, inhibition, inimical, injunction, innocuous, inordinate, inquest, inquisitive, insensate, insidious, insinuation, insolent, insouciance, intemperate, inter, interminable, interpose, intersperse, intonation, intravenous, intrepid, intrinsic, intrusive, intuit, inutile, invective, inveigle, inveterate, iridescent, ironclad, irrigation, itinerant, jaded, jibe, jocose, Jolly Roger, juvenile, juxtaposition, keel, ken, kingdom come, lace, laconic, laden, lament, lance, languidly, languish, languor, languorous, lapel, larboard, largesse, lascivious, latent, latitude, lee, legume, lethal, lethargic, levity, levy, liaison, lichen, lieu, ligature, lilt, limpid, linen, lionize, listless, litany, lithe, loafer, lofty, loll, longitude, loot, louche, lucre, lurid, machete, Machiavellian, macintosh, mackintosh, madrigal, maelstrom, magnanimous, magnitude, maimed, malignant, malleable, man-of-war, manger, mangy, manifest, manifold, manticore, maraud, marauder, mariner, maritime, maroon, mast, maudlin, maven, mawkish, maxim, meager, meander, measly, meek, megalomaniac, melee, menace, menial, mercurial, meretricious, meridian, minutely, mirage, mire, mirth, miscellaneous, missive, mite, mitigate, moat, moccasin, molasses, moll, mollify, mollycoddle, mongrel, moniker, mooring, moraine, morass, mordant, morose, mote, mull, multitudinous, muslin, mutinous, mutiny, myopia, myriad, nape, nates, nativity, naught, nauseous, nebulous, negligible, neuralgia, neurotic, noisome, nonchalant, nonplussed, notorious, noxious, nubile, oar, obsequious, off-the-wall, officious, olfactory, omit, omnipotence, opprobrium, opulent, orbit, ornate, ostensible, ostentatious, overwrought, paddock, painstaking, palliative, pallid, pallor, palpable, palpate, palpitate, paltry, panacea, pantaloon, paradigm, paramount, parapet, parasol, pare, parquet, parry, parsimonious, parson, pastiche, pastoral, pathos, patina, pedagogic, pedant, pedantic, peg, pejorative, penultimate, perdition, peremptory, perfunctory, peril, perilous, perineum, permeate, perpendicular, perpetuate, petulant, petulantly, phalanx, philistine, pigeonhole, pigsty, pilfer, pillage, pillory, pinafore, pinion, pinnace, pious, pithy, pivotal, placate, placid, plaintive, plaintively, plangent, plantation, plash, platitude, pleat, plebeian, pliant, plinth, plodding, plunder, ply, poised, poltroon, ponderous, porcine, port, portage, portentous, porthole, portmanteau, posse, posterity, postulate, pragmatic, pram, precarious, precariously, precipice, precipitation, precipitous, preconceived, preen, prehensile, prerequisite, prerogative, pretension, prevaricate, price gouging, priggish, prim, primordial, prissy, privateer, privation, proclivity, procure, prod, prodigal, prodigious, proffer, progeny, prolific, promiscuous, propagation, propriety, prosaic, protege, protuberant, provenance, providence, provisional, prow, prudence, prudent, prurient, pry, purblind, purge, purview, putative, quaff, quail, quaint, quarrel, quell, querulous, quiescence, quintessence, raffish, rain check, rakish, ramshackle, rangy, rapt, rapture, rarefied, ratline, raze, rebuff, rebuke, reciprocity, reckoning, reconcile, reconciled, recourse, recrimination, recumbent, redolent, refractory, regal, regale, rejoinder, relegate, relent, remiss, remit, remonstrance, remunerative, rend, renegade, repentant, reprehensible, reprieve, reprisal, reproach, reproachful, resplendent, restive, reticence, revelry, reverence, reverent, reverie, ribald, rictus, rigging, rile, rill, rime, risible, roan, rogue, roving, rubric, rudder, rudimentary, ruefully, russet, sable, saccharine, salacious, salient, sallow, salvage, salvo, sanctify, sanctimonious, sanctity, sanguine, sardonic, sartorial, sate, saturnine, scabrous, scaffold, scalawag, scallion, scathing, schooner, scorn, scour, scrabble, screed, scrimmage, scrupulous, scrutiny, scuff, scurvy, scythe, sediment, seemly, seethe, semblance, sequin, seraglio, servile, sheaf, shirk, shoal, shoat, shoddy, shrewd, shrub, sibilant, sidle, simian, simper, simulacrum, singularity, skein, skeleton key, skiff, sleet, slew, smattering, smite, smock, sodden, solace, solecism, solemn, solemnity, solicit, solicitous, solstice, sombre, somnambulate, sonorous, sordid, spar, specious, spectacles, specter, splay, spleen, spoor, sportive, spry, squalid, squalor, stalwart, starboard, staunch, stave, steadfast, stern, sternum, stifling, stilted, stipple, stoicism, stowaway, straggle, straggling, stricture, strident, strut, stupor, subdued, sublimate, sublime, subsume, subvert, succumb, sultry, sumptuous, supercilious, superfluous, superintendent, supple, surly, surmise, surreptitious, suspenseful, susurration, swain, swathe, sycophantic, symbiosis, synchronous, syncope, tableau, tacit, taciturn, taffrail, tailcoat, tally, talon, talus, tamp, tangible, tantalizing, tantamount, taper, tartan, tattered, taupe, tautological, tawdry, tedious, temerity, temperance, tempestuous, tenacity, tenement, tenet, tentative, tentatively, tenuous, tenure, terse, tethered, thrifty, throes, tidal wave, timbre, titillate, toll, tome, torpid, torrid, tousle, tractable, traipse, travesty, tremulous, trepidation, tricorn, trifling, trill, trite, triumvirate, trochee, tuft, tulle, tunic, tussle, ubiquitous, ululation, unbridled, uncouth, unctuous, undine, undulate, unequivocally, unfathomable, unfettered, unfurl, ungainly, unimpeachable, unprecedented, untenable, unwonted, upheaval, usurper, vagabond, vagrant, valetudinarian, valor, vapid, vehemently, veil, veld, vendetta, venture, verdure, verily, veritable, vermin, vernacular, vernal, vertebrate, vertigo, vessel, vested, vestibule, vestige, vexed, vicarious, vice, vicinity, vicissitude, vigil, vindicated, vindication, vindictive, visceral, vitiate, vocation, volatile, volition, voluble, voluptuous, voyeur, vulgarian, vulpine, wadi, waif, waistcoat, waive, wallow, wan, wanton, warble, ward, wayward, Wellington boot, wharf, winsome, wizened, wreath, wrest, wrought, wry, yearn, yore, zeal, zealot, zenith

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