• week 1 (january 1-5) » in g. with tanja and kevin and their friends; finishing our dnd campaign; sleeping at tanja's; watching frozen 2 in the cinema; feeding chinchillas; buying furniture with mom; building the desk with dad; driving home with the new car; putting up my desk
  • week 2 (january 6-12) » no work on monday; having almost nothing to do at work on tuesday; going cycling; having a nice breakfast with hot chocolate and an egg; going cycling again
  • week 3 (january 13-19) » new coworker; making a pixel art heart; deep-cleaning the shower (at least attempting)
  • week 4 (january 20-26) » eating tomato soup with stale bread; new skin exfoliator!; texting with m.; first date with m. - almost 24 hours!; playing slime rancher
  • week 5 (january 27-02) » discording with m.; doing a lot of housework because m. is coming over; watching jumanji 2 in the cinema with m.
  • week 6 (febuary 02-09) » phoning a lot with m.; starting a tumblr theme maker; m. is here again over the weekend; driving to the ice rink but there's a hokey game; going on a short walk with m.
  • week 7 (february 10-16) » valentine's day! i got 'under the covers vol 2' as a cd from m.; reorganizing my closet
  • week 8 (february 17-23) » signing the new rent contract that i will live alone soon; driving home; bowling with the fam
  • week 9 (february 24-march 1) » buying a washing machine with m. and installing it; m. stays the night on a weekday; f. moves out; moving my desk to next to the couch; m. stays over the weekend and teaches me card games; we watch a pokemon movie
  • week 10 (march 2-8) » impatiently waiting for animal crossing to release; m. surprises me with flowers; we start watching avatar together
  • week 11 (march 9-15) » everybody is talking about the corona virus; going for a walk with michi and we see a cute lamb
  • week 12 (march 16-22) » corona semi-lockdown starts, i work from home, you aren't supposed to go out anymore; impatiently waiting for animal crossing to come out; animal crossing release!!!
  • week 13 (march 23-29) » animal crossing. that's it, that's the week; my car battery breaks and i have to call the mechanics; corona quarantine still going on; very stressful friday
  • week 14 (march 30-april 5) » _
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