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This is where I will log all my current habits, obsessions, and general things that are happening.

  • week 1 (january 1-6) » moving into our flat, starting work again, horrible snow chaos and me taking 3-4 hours to go home, being sick thursday and friday (going to the doctor for the first time), watching 'a series of unfortunate events'
  • week 2 (january 7-13) » not feeling great bc of work, buying a washing machine, snow chaos so i'm not going to work again, 3 month anniversary with floh, stefan fixing our sink
  • week 3 (january 14-20) » floh is pretty sick, driving to work with the bus (listening to a lot of harry potter), watching a lot of 'orange is the new black', working on my tumblr dashboard base theme and blog base code
  • week 4 (january 21-27) » floh made me sick, going home from work earlier on tuesday, staying home from work the rest of the week, floh drives home-home on friday till saturday night, playing the ukulele
  • week 5 (january 28-february 03) » back at work again for the whole week but it's getting easier, mostly just watching tv after work, finishing and publishing my dashboard themes
  • week 6 (february 04-10) » getting my tablet, playing with my tablet alot, going to a spa with floh
  • week 7 (february 11-17) » working 9 hours a day except friday, tanja is visiting for the first time, watching asoue with tanja, twenty one pilots concert with tanja
  • week 8 (february 18-24) » the morning in vienna with tanja, driving home from vienna, work, piyoma, playing minecraft a bit
  • week 8 (february 25-march 03) » piyoma, playing minecraft a bit, going shopping with floh (just boring stuff)
  • week 9 (march 04-10) » faschingsdienstag (i'm a cowgirl), floh's birthday, floh is on vacation with his family on the weekend
  • week 10 (march 11-17) » watching a lot of family guy and h2o just add water, floh is at home for the weekend
  • week 11 (march 18-24) » lots of stress at work, playing mario kart, listening to a lot of harry potter
  • week 12 (march 25-31) » driving home-home on friday

i forgot to continue.

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