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i adore lists. in fact, almost every blog i make contains a list of some note.

i endeavor to create as many lists as i can to my own satisfaction and to cross out many applicable items. i just want them to be complete.

and hopefully, they will be

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bold_ what I couldn't do at all and just expired, fuhhh.

  • Get a job that I actually like and find interesting and pays at least decently
  • Volunteer at Raconteur. Sept til January 31st. I actually threw away some of the water damaged books and see it be torn apart, but it's cool, Alex was moving on to other, better things.
  • Save $1000 NOT including CD
  • Drive alone comfortably somefrigginwhere
  • Start 102 things in 1001 days = get a great pedometer dammit. Cross off at least fifteen items before next birthday.
  • Finish the Artist's Way without skipping weeks
  • Do 365 photo journal at least two months straight_
  • Go to a steampunk event
  • Go to a convention (NYCC 2011 in October)
  • Finish and submit 2012 time traveler's theme sketchbook for sweetmate
  • Make a stranger a great friend. RIRI!!!
  • Fulfill alphabetical authors and titles for books lists and directors and titles for movies lists
    • It's been so long so I should probably make a new list, but for now I'll reproduce it and consider it completed if I get it all done. We shall see though.
  • Sketch something I really like {not the subject, the drawing itself}
  • Do photobooth pictures for a year straight_ missed January FUHHHH. it wouldn't take my damn money! shoosers.
  • Finish high school collage notebook FINALLY!
  • Go on a trip out of state for at least two days without parents
  • Get a Diana Mini and be pretty decent at it. Get three sets of prints
  • Go to three concerts {festivals count as one}
    • Make one of them be of a band or singer you really adore. Like top ten OMG favorite.
      • Childish Gambino at House of Blues in AC - November 4, 2011 ... would it count if I see CG twice? no? FUCK YOU!!!
      • Ed Sheeran. January, 2012. Fucking Amazeballs
  • Complete at least two online lectures
  • Do a workshop or a course, at least two, in real life
  • Beat American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns
  • Midnight showing of a movie I never saw before that I really want to see
  • Watch a play (Gretrude Stein Gertrude Stein One Woman play at The Raconteur)
  • Do experimental theater. The Four Chambered Heart at Recess. Put on a Mask and did an interview on camera. There was no audience but it will be used for videos and such so I'm gonna count it hehe. It was fun and really interesting and I learned a lot.
  • Do at least ten reviews on that wordpress and get five followers that you don't know personally
  • Do speed dating
  • Go on a legit date with him. Dinner would be nice. Handholding too hehe.
    • ... *sigh* I'll just leave it here just to show myself how things have gotten.
  • Attend a spoken word performance. Jeffrey McDaniel and Amber Tamblyn. Oh man, did they ever fucking kill it. It was so fantastic and quite different than I expected. No matter, still awesome.
  • Write 23 poems I am proud of. If I got the ovaries, perform at an open mic.
  • Get my tarot read
  • Make a wonderful page with a great photo of myself and get those nifty business cards so I can include them in the sketchbook. Kickass headline as well dammit.
    • Not a picture of myself but it's a bit of a portrait hehe. See logo and see maker :D. And yay! I got the cards, they're freaking cool. Check out!
  • Go to a glorious book festival, hopefully in September 2011 in BROOOKKKKLYNNN! hehe
    • so amazing. holy crap. i'm definitely returning, there were many a booth that i missed out on :/
  • Attend a really cool Ranconteur event, preferably at the shoppe
    • Gertrude Stein Gertrude Stein, Teen Mic, and Taylor Mali and his wife spoken word
  • Get those social interview answers from ages past and put in formspring then reply with updated answers. Be sure to note dates and times dammit. EDIT: Those are long gone sadly, but I will at least give out my current answers. Another part of my past perspective gone.
  • Sign up for another sketchbook with at least $5 off voucher if they provide one of course
  • Finish traveling notebook
  • See the Brooklyn Art Library twice. Once before my book has been submitted and once when it's arrived. Try to go to the latter's opening events. It'd be so much fun to meet the other participants!
    • saw it on Sept 29, 2011. Really awesome! Along with the amlp exhibit. Can't wait to return!
  • _Go to the GK event. Should be a lot of fun ;D. Gosh I'm naughty lol_ ended up going to the CG concert, better off though. LOVED ITT.
  • Mail secrets in by February 19, 2012. Make it as creative possible but be mindful of shipping costs. Look at facebook: secret exchange for terms and conditions._ didn't even start it but oh well. phooey still.
  • Go to Philly. See Kevin and hang out with him. FINALLY go to Art Star Gallery & Boutique and buy the fireflies kurt halsey necklace you've been eyefucking. Yay for no shipping! Preferably go when you want to see an art exhibit there. Maybe see a cool concert. Definitely find some cool additional things to do there.
  • Take three substantial steps towards renting an apartment near/in the city by yourself. {like saving a lot of money, getting an nyc job, finding a prospective apartment, getting a credit card and building your credit up, etc}
  • Actively do the vitalendeavor wordpress and do ten DIFFERENT projects to the documented and completed extent and get five followers you don't know personally. No repeats of project types, so no two sketchbook projects unless it's for a different site or something, just not arthouse twice alrighty? Of course you can blog about it but it doesn't count towards tally.
  • Attend a reading or lecture of an author you really admire. Or comic book artist. It can't be part of a festival or convention dangit. Someone other than Malcolm Gladwell or Chuck Palahniuk.
    • Alain de Botton in March for Religion for Atheists. That was sooo goooddd even though I dozed off here and there haha. Still, got two books signed and got to take a picture and he was great! Man I love NYC.
  • Complete a NEW short story that you are utterly proud of.
  • Edit and fucking finish the Wren Saga you jagwagon of a slacker.
  • Get over my trepidation of the stove and cook a yummy item or even better meal by myself with no help whatsoever. You can use directions of course.
  • Finish three morning pages books minimum that are the same format as the others. NOT including the second one.
  • Go to a pop up gallery or shop.
    • went to AMLP at the Brooklyn Art Library. An awesome one day exhibit of pictures from all over the world based on a theme of their choosing. Definitely want to try that for next year
  • Get cute gray boots that are either knee or calf or ankle length.
  • Get hit on in a place that's not a bar or nightclub. Even better if it's in the daytime. Only counts if I like the looks of him.
    • at my internship haha, honestly, one of the LAST places I ever thought I'd get hit on. So weird, but hey, it counts right? lol
  • Hit on a hot stranger first. Maybe offer to buy him a drink hehe.
  • Start flirting with someone and keep it up for ten minutes nonstop. This could get mad awkward fast since I don't flirt. At all haha.
  • Finish off two additional diaries excluding the nature is painting one. Hopefully start a third.
  • Get published in some shape or form which means submitting and refining like crazy.
  • Record one LJ voice post and while you're at it, record your awkward voicemail and post up a less annoying one.
  • Get back into shooting for artseeka, be an active participant on site, and attend at least one artseeka event. as far as I've checked, it's defunct, it's a shame though, still, i had fun.
  • Try an exotic fancy ice cream & love it. And a dessert as well.
  • Alter a book completely, could already be started.
  • Write a fan letter to an author I respect highly and really adore and send them a care package (or maybe hand it off to him when you meet him).
  • Once job has been achieved, try to figure out travel hacking and some locales you want to hit up first in the continental US and then international wise. Figure out if you should do a big trip while you're living at home or in your apartment years from now. In any case, find a card where you can rack and keep miles and doesn't have a large fee attached. Probably a good way to build up credit.
  • Watch 7 asian dramas. Multiple seasons count as 1. Not including ones already started. (1/7)
    • Boys Over Flowers - Korean Version, on netflix. SO GOODD. Probably better than the Japanese one. Sorry Matsujun!
  • See the sunrise and set. Take a pic with diana mini or dslr
  • Get a good quality but cheap light brown trenchcoat. Get it tailored. Make sure it looks amazing on you.
  • Do an awesome workshop or DIY and create a nifty item like a screen print tee or comic book flats. Make it durable.
  • Get tested and vaccinated hopefully.
  • Find out my blood type and donate blood when able.
  • Attend the opening of an art gallery, store, museum exhibit, whatever. Make sure it's something I really like.
    • went to the opening of a really cool plushie exhibit in NYC with ed and marie.
  • Get a sweet handkerchief and carry it everywhere with me.
  • Win something awesome. Raffle, contest, whatever. Participate as much as possible and get something dandy.
  • Make sure that all broken jewelry that I want are fixed.
  • Sell at least one item I no longer want for cash money. Look into where, perhaps bookoff.
  • Write a letter to my 24-year-old self to be read a year after it was written.
  • Don't owe anyone any amount of moolah. Shittttt.
  • Take a plane somedamnwhere.
  • Achieve a flat stomach.
  • Hand boy I'm crushing real hard on a love letter of sorts with typed up transcript cuz of my gobbly gook scratch and a small but perfect for him gift. No occasion tho, just when we chill.
  • Get at LEAST buzzed and dance @ the club from 11 - 4:30ish. Minimal breaks and be sure to pregame at karaoke bar. Look at City Select for a good deal, there was a $25 for 4 mixed drinks and 4 shots and 1 hour of karaoke. Buy it and use it to shit.
  • Pay for a cheap, but high quality spa treatment. Facial, Massage, mani-pedi, anything that looks cool. Great if it's at a real spa. Bonus points if you get two tasks done.
  • Make-over bitch for cheap please :D City Select, or Groupon, or Living Social or Google Offers, or whatever. Just find a kickass deal dammit.
  • EDITT: i THINK I'LL add like hmm, 9 more goals to achieve my birth year '88. mmkay? And uhhh I need to figure out what to put in here... OKAY THOUGHT OF ONE! Learn how to play Creep on the Ukulele without too much aid of music sheets.
  • Complete the nanowrimo challenge motherfucker!_ I don't even think I broke 100 words lol. ugh.
  • Achieve 200 notes on facebook by January 1st, 2012 12:01 AM, including the livejournal imports._ haven't reached 200 as of now in April 11th lol. Such a fail.
  • Fly a kite while it's snowing, maybe lightly so you can actually see it fly high and my vision won't be blocked by all that white. Build it yourself and decorate it to your liking. winter has come and gone and dude, we actually got like very few snowfalls. Global warming yo.
  • Find a book whose main character's name is Eileen and is at least brunette, but get her as close to me as possible. Triple bonus points if it's sci-fi or fantasy.
  • Go to the (New Museum) [exhibit with the awesome slideeeee and record the overall view of it and then record your wonderful journey with your DSLR and mobile phone. But time how long it takes first before you attempt the mobile phone. Ask the gallery peeps if you should use the dslr since it could get damaged.
    • didn't do the mobile phone thing cuz it could've been smashed but oh well. wait i could've cuz i think i ended up getting a new phone like a month later lol. oh well. it was fun and the best part was doing the stripping down of thyself and floating naked in the sensory deprivation pool. soo fucking amazing and really cool cuz it was crowded in the museum hehe.
  • Do one unexpected, unplanned bucket list type of action that 22 year old eileen would never seriously consider doing. Bonus points if it barely passed through her mind before. (ergh, guess I can't use sensory deprivation pool? or maybe I can since it never occurred to me that I shouldn't? hmmm)
  • Slow dance somewhere. Find a club or concert that does slow jams. I miss it a lot. I haven’t done that in so many years, maybe middle school? The ones in college were slow grinds. Not quite the same. I wanna put my head on his shoulder. Feel his arm around my waist and not in an overly lustful way. In a sweet comforting way. And damn i wanna hear baby making tunes all nite! It'd be cool if i had a man there but it'd be so nice to dance with a stranger. *sigh*
  • Type out and recite and record audio and handwrite letter/statement of feelings for his bday or Christmas. Ask emma how to use her mic & buy an awesome usb for him. Like those mimeo ones at nycc. Use your own money man & try not to get ma's. Don’t mail it to him. Hand it to him. I don’t give a shit how long it is, say what you need to say or you may never get the coURaGE again. Maybe add a song that reminds you of him. It'll be fine.
    • 11/02/11 - I realized that it was a little pointless. I just don't matter to him as much as I thought I did and things aren't as they once, wonderfully, used to be *sigh* Maybe things will be different once x-mas hits or next year but oh well. I don't know. This is sorta depressing isn't it? Especially since this is such a huge gesture, at least for me, when saying how you feel should come a little bit easier than this... package. I think he would appreciate it yeah, but I'm not sure what I want to change with this gift. It'd be great if I could talk to him on the daily again but his life won't allow it, not even a once a fortnight or even a month deal. It's just such a downer ugh. Think of a new one, eileen:

4/11/2012 4ish am: This list is nothing but fail lol. I haven't gotten even a FOURTH of it done. Just 14 so ten short. SHOES. And I completely forgot to find a new one for number 88, the last one. UGHHH. It's also my birthyear btw hehe.

But you know what? I'll see what I can get done and I'll try to achieve it, though it's a little over two months until my birthday. But maybe I can get at least 8 more goals done, that's doable. The list is probably a bit much, but I think I could do all of this in a year, if I just proactively do some of it each day. Or at least plan it out. I know I can. And I think I'll feel better about things if I just try.

I wonder how many I can get done completely between now and my birthday? Probably a lot more than I think I could do. I want to be more productive and more creative with my time. I don't like feeling so daunted anymore. So yeah, I'll just do what I can and for next year, I'll recopy this list and remove what has been done already and put in new ones and THIS TIME, I'll put in the first 25 what I DEFINITELY want to do so I can't say that the day is a total waste.

And to be a bit fair, I started this list in august really, though a good deal of it I always had it in mind. And a procrastinator like me should've known that I wouldn't get it all done tho it probably would've if I had some sort of system in mind. Hmm.

So I'll draw up a list like a few days after my 24th birthday and then I'll figure out a way to go about it. But I think I'll do a five per day sort of deal. Not a "you have to complete five items in total" but a "you have to work on it." One must by in the top 25, one has to be one of those I have to do in piecemeal (like completing the alphabet of titles or authors, a number of poems, etc.), towards independence, creative, and one scary one. Some are bound to overlap, but I want each day to not blend in with the rest so at least in the beginning, i want to keep the goals for each day to be wayyy apart from each other compared to the next day. Feel me?

so let's see how far I come along -- 6:40 AM

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