• 01/01: reading in the sun; playing with gus and raul; vídeos da lu ferreira; organizing listography
  • 02/01: mercado da boca with mimi and carlos - they got me the cutest gifts and i'm so happy to have them in my life;
  • 07/01: mcdonald's with sis;
  • 08/01: e-mail cacaus;
  • 09/01: drinking and talking at sarah's and luuk's airbnb;
  • 11/01: mimi and tanure make me smile; grateful for having mimi and mari as my friends;
  • 15/01: having dinner with mom and ísio; facetime with ku;
  • 16/01: lunch with mom and ísio; playing with raul and gus;
  • 17/01: went for a run; drinking wine and watching nfl; we finally have a vaccine!!!! still a dumb piece of shit for president tho;


  • 05/02: dad brought cake for me; emmerick's birthday (and people being super nice to me when my car's battery died hahahah what is my life even)
  • 26/02: i passed my CRC exam??? what even
  • 27/02: i was having a utter shitty week and mimi and cacaus came over unannounced with pizza and we ate together and, honestly, this is what friends are for;
  • 28/02: i sent out the first draft of my tcc. it's not good but i got something done.


  • 01/03: renata falou que eu deveria publicar minha monografia;
  • 22/03: apresentei minha monografia e fiquei com 95;


  • 18/04: slept over @ mimi's house and her mom baked us pão de queijo and we watched bbb together;
  • 19/04-24/04: mari mari, mimi, cacaus, macholas and i traveled to his aunt's airbnb and it was a really great week ; axl; sunshine all the time; cooking with mimi almost everyday; macholas and his stories; browsing tinder; watching bbb and de férias com o ex together on the same bed; reading (finally)
  • 24/04: gus smiling when he saw me arriving;
  • 25/04: gus and raul laughing and playing on their little plastic pool;

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