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lucky girl syndrome

—— september

  • 05: gym; reading on the bus (rwrb);
  • 06:
  • 07: gym; ice cream with sis; building legos w/ raul and gus while listening to the beatles; having dinner with my parents and sis while talking about life;
  • 08: guts release day!!!!!; gym;
  • 09: the fair with my parents and siblings, it was amazing!!! we went of a lot of rides together, ate good food and had such a nice bonding time <3; also i drove to and from where we parked our car hehehe, it's like learning how to drive all over again but it'll be fine!
  • 10: went to get ice cream with sis and babies (i drove there)
  • 11: drove to the gym; went to the gym; managed to do a bulk import in devops
  • 12: had ice cream with sis???
  • 13: taylor swift playing on the bus; gym
  • 14:
  • 15: watching tour de france w/ sis and our parents;
  • 16: veggie sushi; met up with bayão; hiit class; shopping with sis; did my nails;
  • 17: verstappen did not win the race!!!!; went for a run; played games with raul and gus; heartstopper with sis;
  • 18: gym???
  • 19:
  • 20:
  • 21:
  • 22:
  • 23:
  • 24:
  • 25:
  • 26:
  • 27:
  • 28:
  • 29:
  • 30:

—— may

  • 01 | running 7km; projeto sabor (sis); ah bon! (gb10); bacio di latte (gb10); fell asleep before midnight!!!!
  • 03 | programa com o yungblud passando na tv quando estava indo embora da academia; blue skies + sunshine; madero (luiz, bárbara, luiza, lelê);
  • 06 | pelasamba (ufmg); charles leclerc batendo e causando red flag thus max stating on 9th;
  • 07 | miami gp (yuri, carolina, gb10, sis, vitor);
  • 11 | ts album ranking spreadsheet;
  • 12 | taylor's party: lover edition (sis, xulha melo, lu salles, gb10, carol, sasá, leo, tefo, luan, etc);
  • 13 | sunshine and blue skies; running w/ sis; starbucks (sis); did my nails while watching emily in paris;
  • 14 | sis and i organized a brunch for mom; curry for lunch; cake and ice cream;
  • 21 | sis and i went with raul and gus to ísio's parents' house in the morning and had lunch there; lanche da tarde at grandma's with aund and vitor and babies, we played with our old barbies and pollys and it there were lots of foods, it was amazing;
  • 26 | yuri, carol and gb10 came over and we ate, talked and watched ted lasso together, it was super nice;
  • 27 | brithday celebration at mascate! most of my friends made the time to see me and it was so special and fun :)) everyboy was happy about me being happy and ppl that don't usually see me drinking found it super funny and amusing; tai, basques, gb10, carol, yuri, carol, ice, luis, pedroga and i went to bar da cacia at like 10pm and basques knocked over the tv lfdaiuhsie it was super fun;
  • 28 | woke up just in time to see the rainy madness in monaco which was probably the only exciting-ish part of the race;
  • 29 | vitor and my dad organized a surprise birthday dinner for sis and i at mercado da boca and it was one of the most special birthdays of my life, felt super loved by everyone!
  • 31 | spider-man across the spider-verse w/ gb10;

—— april

  • 27 | working with macholas and cacaus; sorvete de ouro branco da são domingos; cj's (cacaus, gb10); nfl draft;
  • 29 | grandpa's birthday celebration; lays birthday celebration (mamão com açúcar); ted lasso;
  • 30 | ice's birthday celebration (bolotas bar); comida di buteco (yuri, gb10, carol); dirigi uma bmw? kkkk
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