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how do I define history? it's just one fucking thing after another

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  • 23/09/20: covid-19 has entered the chat. received call from mother while watching In the Heat of the Night. proceeded to call manager in a panic. cried on phone to boyfriend, feel guilty that I may have passed it on to people at work. emailed uni and the one course leader I've spoken to, L (I like her). finished watching In the Heat of the Night. watched Richard Osman's House of Games. did more uni reading. I think some mild symptoms I've been having are related to c-19.
  • 24/09/20: continue to distract myself with uni reading. more House of Games. ordered cookie dough and a milkshake, whoops.
  • 25/09/20: almost all my core reading complete for the first week of university, I'm just waiting on extracts for one title. ordered some clothes
  • 26/09/20: received a parcel meant for someone in New Jersey since the label from the box containing my face masks detached and reattached itself to that, but of a kerfuffle. more uni reading, slightly concerned I've become obsessive.
  • 27/09/20: took a break from uni prep which made me feel anxious. finished The Thursday Murder Club. lots of horror stories coming out from university campuses (mostly MMU); glad I decided to commute.
  • 28/09/20: really getting anxious about all the zoom calls I have coming up for uni. also, did not love the ending of The Duchess.
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