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how do I define history? it's just one fucking thing after another

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  • 01/05/20: did three loads of laundry, made ratatouille, watched Sense and Sensibility (1995)
  • 02/05/20: woke up at 5:30. eco products arrived, as did the bath bombs Stevie ordered for me. ♡ I'm pretty sure I lost followers for sharing pictures of cloth sanitary towels. watched final episode of Friday Night Dinner.
  • 03/05/20: excellent two hour nap. Victor Hugo spent 40+ pages on Waterloo.
  • 04/05/20: finished reading Pride and Prejudice so started re-watching the 1995 series. made delicious noodles. "delicious" doesn't look right. Norm Lewis is my favourite Javert.
  • 05/05/20: new throw and lampshade arrived, absolutely delighted with both. tidied room and cleaned which was really satisfying. read 100 pages of Les Mis.
  • 06/05/20: Susie sat outside with me while I pruned Benjamina the ficus. read 51 pages of Les Mis. ordered pizza to eat while watching the last two episodes of Pride and Prejudice. a spider landed on my bed and I almost had a heart attack.
  • 07/05/20: spent a lot of the day sitting on a blanket on the grass, reading; Susie was with me for a lot of it. my choose love tops arrived and I love them. felt a little emotional during the weekly applause.
  • 08/05/20: went for my first walk in a while. talked with M. about how Susie still seems to be grieving for Duchess. started watching the US version of The Office. finally got two masks!
  • 10/05/20: finally met l'amis de l'abc in Les Mis
  • 11/05/20: I feel so depressed
  • 12/05/20: read All That She Can See and it was really weird.
  • 13/05/20: I am now a member of a union!
  • 16/05/20: fake Eurovision. ate noodles, chocolate; drank wine. felt sad. tweeted about how much I love Benny Andersson.
  • 17/05/20: learnt that pak choi flowers. also that cooking an egg with noodles is delicious.
  • 20/05/20: put £500 into my savings.
  • 24/05/20: watched all of Never Have I Ever and cried at the finale
  • 25/05/20: completed my goodreads reading challenge in the early hours
  • 26/05/20: a goldfinch visited the garden! and a beautiful magpie
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