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  • 14/01/21 snow snow snow
  • 14/01/21 my personal advisor called an ungraded essay I wrote "sassy" and also offered to virtually have coffee with me whenever I'd like
  • 15/01/21 submitted the first graded essays for my degree (in plenty of time, too!)
  • 16/01/21 gifts from my favourite Americans and the Dark Lord arrived!
  • 02/01/21 had a great chat with my personal advisor who said she "was always impressed with [my] preparation and contributions" when I was in her class and that I "far exceeded the other people in the class." we agreed I needed to take more breaks so I got back in bed and watched Borgen afterwards.
  • 16/02/21 attended great paper on Anne Lister. Sally Wainwright and Anne Choma were also in the audience.
  • 17/02/21 J's book launch.
  • 18/02/21 received grades for my first two essays. they were good grades.
  • 26/02/21 virtual fika
  • 27/02/21 In Conversation with Asttina Mandella
  • 01/03/21 spoke to E. about personal difficulties, she was very supportive and said lots of nice things about how hard I work and how much I contribute in class. she also emailed my presentation partner, who was also very lovely and understanding when I emailed her later in the day.
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