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how do I define history? it's just one fucking thing after another

honeybee follows:
Oh! television (Episodes of Grey's Anatomy...round two!)
Kiskadee music (Current Favorite Song)
daniela podcasts (pluma pantalla)
giovanna vacation (filmes amazon)
moonee mensuelle (quarantine edition)
  • fat, fuzzy bumblebees
  • Susie enjoying the sunlight
  • mum giving me a creme egg
  • peppers, they taste so bright and tangy
  • the blackbird singing on the hedgerow
  • the huge dog I met on my walk
  • Susie (an indoor cat) going for little walks in the garden
  • mint hot chocolate made with oat milk
  • my orchids flowering
  • the clumsy pigeons nesting in the tree outside my window
  • perfecting the art of the omelette
  • sudden downpours
  • regrowing vegetables (currently pak choi and spring onions)
  • guests in my bee hotel
  • discovering that both pak choi and basil both flower
  • reading voraciously
apr 11 2020 ∞
may 25 2020 +