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how do I define history? it's just one fucking thing after another

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  • everyone I know is healthy
  • we have a full pantry, including two full freezers (we didn't panic-buy, we stock up out of habit)
  • the local supermarket is donating fresh food to my mother's place of work, meaning we can still get plenty of fruit and veggies
  • being in a long distance relationship is probably making things a little easier for my boyfriend and I, since we're used to not seeing each other
  • I do not have to work but I am getting paid in full for the foreseeable future
  • since I am not working, I get to spend all day at home with my ridiculous old cat
  • I am a compulsive buyer of books, I will not run out of reading material any time soon
  • I made what has turned out to be an excellent decision to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite back in December
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