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obstinate, headstrong girl
little bitch troll from hell

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cariatide series status (2024)
louise television (2024)
えりい monthly diary (2024)
elizabeth to do (the blue zones kitchen cookbook)
  • would sell their souls for pistachios
  • fascinated by feet :(
  • obsessed with knitting needles and will pounce on them (Rue)
  • use biting as a form of expression
  • understand the word ‘no’ but mostly choose to ignore it
  • scent-mark everything
  • can be trained (but only with pistachios)
  • definitely hit me with her paw once (Rue)
  • enjoys the taste of books (Betty)
  • actually quite intimidating (Estelle)
  • had to be cut out of a sofa (Betty) (still unclear how she ended up in there)
  • rearrange their enclosures when they’re grumpy
  • steal food from each others enclosures
feb 12 2024 ∞
feb 18 2024 +